May 3, 2022 - Bungie

Guardian Games is here! Banners unfurl in the Tower as Guardians return from the Throne World, ready to trade in their swamp-soaked boots for glory and gold. Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters; which class will claim the podium's top step?

In a brand-new out-of-game event, we have assembled class fireteams from across the globe to participate in our first ever Guardian Games Cup - a friendly competition to see which team in the world has what it takes to come out on top. From May 3 to May 24, cheer for your favorite streamers as they compete in class teams, both in-game and for charity! Over 14 territories are participating, which brings us to a total of 42 different teams all vying for number one! 

Keep an eye out on this post every week on Tuesday at 10 AM PDT as we update the standings to reveal which team and class compiled of your favorite streamers are in the lead. 


And that’s it, folks! After three exciting weeks, the Guardian Games are over, and along with that we have the final winners of the Guardian Games Cup as well. A massive thank you to the 42 teams who joined in on the fun and games, and to all of you for supporting your favorite teams and raising over $222K USD for charity! 

Without further ado, here are our final standings after three weeks, including your overall winner and your class winners:



USTeam Punch-A-Bunch
Leader: DattoDestiny
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Week 1 score: 118
Week 2 score: 142.5
Week 3 score: 96.7
Total: 357.2
Icarus Bangers n' Dash 
Leader: FalloutPlays  
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Week 1 score: 220.7
Week 2 score: 273
Week 3 score: 252.4
Total: 746.1
Rhulks Angels 
Leader: FPSKrystal  
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Week 1 score: 93.5
Week 2 score: 265.4
Week 3 score: 250.8
Total: 609.7
UKPeregrine Grief 
Leader: Houndish 
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Week 1 score: 87
Week 2 score: 143.7
Week 3 score: 216.7
Total: 447.4
Wipe For Damage  
Leader: Jarv 
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Week 1 score: 28.3
Week 2 score: 128.8
Week 3 score: 71.8
Total: 228.9
Leader: Zoe  
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Week 1 score: 203.8
Week 2 score: 285.4
Week 3 score: 225.2
Total: 714.4
Leader: Morrigh4n  
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Week 1 score: 15.8
Week 2 score: 78.7
Week 3 score: 78.6
Total: 173.1
In Warlocks We Trust 
Leader: ZombiesFaktory 
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Week 1 score: 53.7
Week 2 score: N/A
Week 3 score: 93
Total: 146.7
Cayde's Chicken 
Leader: Flapix
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Week 1 score: 22.3
Week 2 score: N/A
Week 3 score: 47.3
Total: 69.6
GermanyWände der Stadt  
Leader: NexxossGaming
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Week 1 score: 13.3
Week 2 score: 31.3
Week 3 score: 37.3
Total: 81.9
Leader: AndyEdition 
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Week 1 score: 171
Week 2 score: 314
Week 3 score: 327.3
Total: 812.3
Aces Gaming  
Leader: iPhil 
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Week 1 score: 144.7
Week 2 score: 157.3
Week 3 score: 280
Total: 582
NordicsTeam Justice 
Leader: LanaLane 
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Week 1 score: 74
Week 2 score: 159
Week 3 score: 64
Total: 297
Ikora's Angels 
Leader: Michi 
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Week 1 score: N/A
Week 2 score: N/A
Week 3 score: N/A
Total: N/A
Team Scream  
Leader: Scream Queen 
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Week 1 score: 84
Week 2 score: 105
Week 3 score: 235.7
Total: 424.7
Leader: Zamora
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Week 1 score: 14
Week 2 score: 59.5
Week 3 score: 69.7
Total: 143.2
Leader: Ryusuri  
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Week 1 score: 10.4
Week 2 score: 21.2
Week 3 score: 7
Total: 38.6
Leader: Daykyri 
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Week 1 score: 34.7
Week 2 score: 84
Week 3 score: 78
Total: 196.7
Leader: GiornoGaming  
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Week 1 score: 142.7
Week 2 score: 132
Week 3 score: 212.7
Total: 487.4
Leader: EternityTTM 
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Week 1 score: 116.2
Week 2 score: 130.8
Week 3 score: 200.7
Total: 447.7
Leader: TheBeard 
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Week 1 score: 19
Week 2 score: 62.2
Week 3 score: 21.6
Total: 102.8
PolandTytani Gurom  
Leader: KingaKujawska 
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Week 1 score: 20.7
Week 2 score: 55.3
Week 3 score: 63.7
Total: 139.7
The Cleaning Crew
Leader: Pasiaa 
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Week 1 score: 21
Week 2 score: 45
Week 3 score: 31
Total: 97
Caped Pierogies
Leader: CTSG  
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Week 1 score: 21
Week 2 score: 32.7
Week 3 score: 91
Total: 144.7
Middle EastEmirati Titans  

Week 1 score: 69.2
Week 2 score: 62.2
Week 3 score: 57
Total: 188.4
TEAM Fancy  
Leader: Fancy 

Week 1 score: 117.7
Week 2 score: 188.3
Week 3 score: 242
Total: 548
Widow Makers  
Leader: Qweizar 

Week 1 score: 82.8
Week 2 score: 129
Week 3 score: 153.2
Total: 365
Leader: Butters 
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Week 1 score: 205
Week 2 score: 207.8
Week 3 score: 229
Total: 641.8
Guardian Angels
Leader: Kimber Prime 
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Week 1 score: 131.2
Week 2 score: 187.8
Week 3 score: 214.7
Total: 533.7
Cloaks & Daggers  
Leader: Stacked 
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Week 1 score: 139.8
Week 2 score: 80.3
Week 3 score: 171.6
Total: 391.7
Leader: kiyo_3ten21 
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Week 1 score: 61
Week 2 score: 39.7
Week 3 score: 104
Total: 204.7
イコラの門弟 S.M.L. 
Leader: M-TOGUCHI 
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Week 1 score: 85
Week 2 score: 39
Week 3 score: 101.3
Total: 225.3
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Week 1 score: 38
Week 2 score: 43
Week 3 score: 116.7
Total: 197.7
Leader: 陶渊明ら

Week 1 score: 116
Week 2 score: 24
Week 3 score: 47.5
Total: 187.5
Leader: Sayalarry

Week 1 score: 58
Week 2 score: 87.2
Week 3 score: 88.5
Total: 233.7
Leader: 八力力力

Week 1 score: 51.5
Week 2 score: 23.8
Week 3 score: 62.3
Total: 137.6
BrazilThe Six Front Legacy  
Leader: MarechalRambo 
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Week 1 score: 103
Week 2 score: 129.8
Week 3 score: 102.3
Total: 335.1
Vanguarda Brasil 
Leader: TheVanguardBR 
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Week 1 score: 17
Week 2 score: 120
Week 3 score: N/A
Total: 137
Viúvas do Cayde-6  Leader: IronLife 
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Week 1 score: 22
Week 2 score: 28.3
Week 3 score: 29.0
Total: 79.3
LATAMTeam Patas  
Leader: Epii06 
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Week 1 score: 8.3
Week 2 score: 82
Week 3 score: 55.5
Total: 145.8
Los Golozos  
Leader: Peach 
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Week 1 score: 34.5
Week 2 score: 36.7
Week 3 score: 63
Total: 134.2
Jägers Modo Incognito 
Leader: DeusCL 
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Week 1 score: 26.4
Week 2 score: 132.8
Week 3 score: 128
Total: 287.2

The winning team will be receiving these lovely personalized gold trophies plus an artwork of their fireteam by Gammatrap, and each class winner team will be receiving similarly personalized silver trophies.

We wanted to update you on the nitty gritty of the score calculation mechanisms as well – we noticed that in the results for the first two weeks, we had been counting the total dunked medallions during each team’s two-hour scheduled play period, instead of the total earned (and subsequently dunked) medallions. We’ve fixed this and have adjusted the scoring retroactively to reflect only the earned points during each team’s valid timeslot. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion caused. 


Thanks to everyone’s efforts, we raised a whopping $222,835 for Direct Relief in partnership with the Bungie Foundation. The team who fundraised the top amount is TEAM PUNCH-A-BUNCH led by the awesome Datto, with a whopping $30,150 USD raised. They will be receiving a custom artwork of their fireteam by PherianArt!

The individual who donated the top amount is Lord Maya, with an incredibly generous donation of $2,402 USD! They will also be receiving a custom artwork of their choice by PherianArt. Thank you for your contribution, Guardian! 

Thank you all for being part of our inaugural Guardian Games Cup, we hope you had fun, and see you in Season of the Haunted :)

There are two components to the Guardian Games Cup - read on to learn all about it more. 


Each week, the participating teams have a set two-hour slot to earn and dunk as many medallions as they can at the podium to rack up the most points for their class. The medallion dunks are tracked on the back end for those two hours, so each team has the same time to do the best they can every week. Easy, right?  

Each team captain will be earning medallions with up to five other selected fireteam members, and streaming for two hours each of these weeks:

  • Week One: May 3, 12 AM PDT - May 9, 12 AM PDT 
  • Week Two: May 9, 12 AM PDT - May 16, 12 AM PDT 
  • Week Three: May 16, 12 AM PDT - May 22, 12 AM PDT  

We will be tracking the teams and updating their scores at the weekly reset every Tuesday at 10 AM PDT so you can see for yourselves who's coming out on top!  

We are only counting the officially registered team members when scoring and will average out each team's score (total team score divided by number of team members) for the fairest comparison since the teams will vary in size. 

We have some spectacular prizes for the participating teams too: 

  • Best Team in Class will receive custom-made silver trophies with their BungieID or Guardian username engraved to keep (3 teams).
  • Best Team Overall will receive custom-made gold trophies with their BungieID or Guardian username engraved to keep, and customized Guardian-Games-themed artwork of their Guardians by the talented Gammatrap (1 team). 

Keep an eye out for the streams and social announcements, too, because you could also win a Follow the Light emblem - only being distributed by the streamers participating! 


But why stop there? Guardian Games Cup will be yet another amazing charity initiative with the Bungie Foundation. We are partnering again with Direct Relief to raise funds for charity. Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization, active in the US and more than 80 countries, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies - without regard to politics, religion, or ability to pay. 

The charity component is an additional way for us all to donate to causes that matter and make a difference. The charity component of the Guardian Games Cup has no interaction with the method we are using to count the in-game scoring/medal medallion deposits. 

Each team participating in the Guardian Games Cup will have their own unique link for the charity, so make sure you donate to support your favorite team! Not only is it a contest for points and medals, it's also a contest to see who can raise the most money for a good cause. 

There will be some excellent prizes, both in and out of Destiny 2, for participants to enjoy when donations are made to Direct Relief.  
  • Guardian's Oath is a brand-new emblem for those who donate $25 USD or more. 
  • The individual with the highest donation will receive custom digital artwork of a single subject of their choice from PherianArt
  • The team raising the most funds will receive custom digital artwork of their amazing Guardian Games fireteam from PherianArt.   

Click here to learn more about the Guardian Games Cup fundraiser with Bungie Foundation

We look forward to a great Guardian Games Cup this year and hope we can contribute to charity in a meaningful way through these fun community activities. Thank you for all your support and let the games begin! 


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