Destiny 2 Update

Sep 4, 2018 - Destiny Dev Team

The Season of the Outlaw has begun.

Player Character

  • Raised character level cap to 50 for Forsaken owners


  • Year 1 Sony exclusive Exotic and legendary rewards are now available for all platforms

Exotic Weapons
  • Riskrunner
      • Increased inventory size
  • Whisper of the Worm
      • Replaced Armor Piercing Rounds with Accurized Rounds to prevent accidental perk failures for White Nail

  • Year 2 weapons now provide random perks when acquired
  • Year 2 Masterwork weapons have revamped system
    • Allows players to reach +10 bonus stats
  • Year 2 mods are now available
    • Can be acquired by dismantling Year 2 weapons
    • Can be purchased from the Gunsmith
    • Year 1 weapons no longer accept modifications

  • Increased the blast radius penalty for Concussion and Blinding Grenades from single shot grenade launchers

  • Hunters    
      • Golden Gun
          • Increased Golden Gun damage against base and elite enemies
  • Titan
      • Magnetic Grenades
          • Grenades should now detonate a second time even if the initial detonation kills the target


  • The Vanguard Strike Playlist is now available
  • Nightfall strike scoring has been re-enabled
  • Base-level strikes are available through destinations
  • Year 1 Sony exclusive strikes are now available to all platforms

Exodus Crash
  • Analyzing the Fallen device in Prodromus Down
      • The objective progress rate increases based on number of Guardians standing near Ghost
  • Thaviks encounter
      • Decreased thaviks's teleport frequency
          • Was three long teleports and six quick teleports
          • Now two long teleports and three quick teleports
      • Increased Thaviks's quick-teleport speed increased
      • Reduced enemy waves to match teleport frequency
      • Added additional enemies per wave
      • Damage to Thaviks is preserved when Thaviks switches weapons

Daily Heroic Story Missions
  • Daily Heroic story missions now available


  • Fixed an issue that sometimes triggered the Quitter Penalty after completed Competitive Crucible matches
  • Starting in Season 4, Iron Banner will be updated to enable Power level advantages, beginning on September 18
  • Removed Mayhem temporarily from the weekly featured playlist until a future update
  • Trials of the Nine is now on hiatus
      • Trials of the Nine reputation tokens cannot be redeemed until the activity returns

  • Retribution and Wormhaven are now available on all platforms
  • Retribution has been reworked and enlarged to support 6v6 matches

  • Earning a place in the Top 3 in Rumble will now count as a win
  • The correct number of Valor Rank Points will be granted

  • Glory
      • Retuned Glory Rank Points gained and lost have to reduce the overall climb to higher ranks
      • Fixed the weekly award and doubled its gains
      • Fixed and returned weekly Glory decay
      • Players who competed in Season 3 will earn bonus rank points for completing their first match in Season 4
      • Removed loss streaks
  • Valor
      • Losses in the Competitive playlist no longer reset your Valor win streak
  • Game Modes
      • Control and Clash modes have been added to the Competitive playlist
  • Rewards
      • Pinnacle Crucible rewards are now awarded via quests
          • These quests will not be removed at the end of the season
      • Redrix’s Claymore has been retired in Season 4 as a seasonal reward
          • Players who earned Redrix’s Claymore in Season 3 will receive additional bonuses

Private Matches
  • Added the option to adjust the respawn timers for Survival
  • Score-to-win options have been updated for several modes
      • Control
          • Added 25 and 150, removed 10 and 20
          • 150 is the new default
      • Clash
          • Added 25 and 150, removed 10 and 20
          • 100 is the new default
      • Supremacy
          • Added 25 and 150, removed 10 and 20
          • 150 is the new default


  • The Gambit playlist is unlocked 
      • Requires Forsaken
      • Requires completion of mission "Spark"
  • Infamy ranks now available


  • Zavala
      • The Season 4 vendor progression system has been updated with two separate progressions
          • Vanguard Rank
              • Like in previous seasons, Vanguard rank can be increased by turning in Vanguard tokens to Zavala
              • Increasing your Vanguard rank will provide Vanguard engrams, containing new Year 2 weapons and armor with random rolls 
              • You can continue to acquire items found in Vanguard engrams beyond the season end boundary
              • Seasonal exclusive items that are purchased via Vanguard rank have been moved to their own row for clarity, and will only be attainable until the end of Season 4
          • Nightfall Rank
              • Increased by attaining score on various Nightfall strikes
              • Items are now available for purchase from Zavala by increasing in Nightfall Rank
  • Shaxx
      • Updated reputation reward packages for Season 4
      • Updated bounties for Season 4
      • Added pursuits to Shaxx’s inventory
      • Added new rewards for Valor ranks
  • Gunsmith
      • No longer exchanges Year 1 mods; these can be safely dismantled 
      • Now sells two mods (one armor, one weapon) a day.
      • Gunsmith packages now require 100 Gunsmith Materials
      • Updated repuation reward packages for Season 4

Events & Rituals

  • General
      • Between levels 20 and 50 challenges provide a source of Legendary items and experience
      • When you reach level 50, an entirely new set of challenges activates and the leveling ones are no longer available
      • After you reach level 50, these are the main avenue into the powerful rewards that previously lived within milestones
      • Level 20 challenges with progression will be converted to a new challenges at level 50
  • Daily challenges now available
      • Specific challenges offered each day
      • Individual daily challenges reset on a four day cadence
  • Weekly challenges now available
      • Reset each Tuesday

Items & Economy

  • Increased experience rewards for completing strikes and nightfall
  • Reduced experience rewards for completing normal and heroic public events
  • Iron Banner, Vanguard, and Crucible tokens earned in Season 3 may be redeemed with their respective vendors in Season 4
  • Players are no longer able to delete mods or shaders from an items details screen

  • Masterwork reward chances are being reduced in some activities
      • Pre-Forsaken raids will still offer a higher chance for Masterwork acquisition, but that chance has been lowered from 50% to 10% to be in line with Masterwork drops in Forsaken
  • Year 1 armor will always dismantle to one Masterwork Core
  • Year 1 weapons can dismantle to one or two cores, but no longer three

  • Activity rewards now respect your Power
      • If you complete an activity while severely under-leveled,  rewards will offer a larger Power upgrade
      • If you complete an activity while heavily over-leveled,  rewards will be a lower Power level

  • Forsaken shaders do not drop in the wild; instead, they come from dismantling gear with that shader applied
  • Rare-quality shaders are often applied to drops, but have a low chance of being granted by dismantling
  • Legendary-quality shaders appear much less frequently on gear, but have a high chance of being granted by dismantling 
  • It no longer costs anything to apply shaders to gear

  • Infusion for all pre-Forsaken and Forsaken gear is capped at 600 Power
  • Weapon infusion is now slot-based rather than archetype-based
      • Example: Any Kinetic weapon can be infused into any other Kinetic weapon, but you can no longer infuse an Energy Hand Cannon into a Kinetic Hand Cannon
  • Infusing duplicates of the same item is much less expensive than using two different items

Destination Materials
  • Reduced drop rates of destination materials from some destination activities

  • Includes any weapon, armor piece, Ghost Shell, ship, Sparrow, emblem, or shader players have earned since Warmind's release on May 8
  • Except for Year 2 legendary armor and weapons with random rolls, all items can be reacquired through Collections, for a fee
      • The cost to reacquire an item scales based on what the item dismantles into

Three of Coins
  • Three of Coins have been deprecated
      • Converted into "Faded Cards"
      • Can be safely discarded for Legendary Shards


Prismatic Matrix Schedule
  • The Prismatic Matrix is now scheduled out for the full season
  • The Prismatic Facet (free weekly account roll) is now obtained via a special Tier 1 Eververse bounty, rather than being tied to leveling, which can be acquired for 250 Glimmer and that does not require an Eververse Bounty Note
      • This permits players at all levels to obtain their free weekly roll

Eververse Bounties
  • Each Seasonal Bright Engram now grants one Bounty Note
      • These Bounty Notes can be exchanged for a variety of weekly Eververse Bounties, which come in three tiers:
          • Tier 1: Cost = 1 Eververse Bounty Note: Rewards 20 Bright Dust
          • Tier 2: Cost = 3 Eververse Bounty Note: Rewards 70 Bright Dust
          • Tier 3: Cost = 6 Eververse Bounty Note: Rewards 150 Bright Dust
  • Players can acquire as many Eververse bounties as they have Bounty Notes
  • Eververse bounties expire seven days after acquisition

Bright Dust Dismantle Yields
  • Bright Dust, which you gained from dismantling types of Eververse items, is now a fixed amount
      • Example: Shaders will always yield 10 Bright Dust

Bright Engram Updates
  • Reward probabilities are now displayed on
  • Added new Legendary weapon ornaments to the Bright Engram
  • Added new Ghost Projection category to the Bright Engram
  • Weapon and armor mods are no longer available in Bright Engrams

Eververse Armor and Perks
  • With the addition of random perk rolls on armor, we have made some changes to how perks are applied to Eververse armor
      • Eververse armor acquired from non-deterministic sources (i.e., the Bright Engram) will include random perks
      • Eververse armor acquired from deterministic sources (i.e., the Prismatic Matrix or Bright Dust storefront) will have fixed perks

Leveling Rewards in Forsaken
  • Starting in Forsaken, you will no longer earn Bright Engrams each level until you reach the level cap
      • Players progressing through the campaigns will receive an Eververse gift at the end of each campaign once per class with a variety of items and some Bright Engrams included
      • This includes players who use a Character Boost
  • Once you reach the level cap, Bright Engrams will once again be awarded at the same rate as they are in the current game

  • Silver transaction history is now displayed on
  • Bundles that have not been opened can be refunded for seven days after purchase
  • Gleaming Boons of the Vanguard and Crucible have been updated to drop the current season's items
  • To make room for bounties, Bright Dust offerings have been moved to the second page of Eververse


  • The Season 3 Clan Staff reward has been granted to all clans who hit max rank this season
  • Gambit now offers a clan engram when a fireteam from your clan wins a Gambit match

Season 4 Clan Progression
  • Clan experience is now earned by completing clan bounties available from Hawthorne
  • When a player reaches level 50, three new clan bounties become available

Guided Games

  • Players have the option reconnect to Guided Game activities if they encounter a disconnection from an active Guided Game


  • Adjusted ambient audio in the Tower

  • Fixed an issue where having a certain number of unique items in the vault was causing items to not load
  • Fixed an issue where text would hitch on multiple screens when players are playing on a PlayStation Pro
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