Destiny Development Roadmap – 07/25/2018

Jul 25, 2018 - DeeJ

In several weeks, along with a new story we’re telling as part of a major expansion, a new season of content begins. Between now and the launch of Forsaken, there are a number of new features that we intend to deliver. Our outlook on this forecast hasn’t changed dramatically since the last time we published a roadmap, but we do have more granular detail about deployment times to share. There are two impending downloads that will kick off Year 2. One is a preload and the other is a day-one patch for Forsaken.

The following features will be available to all players of Destiny 2.

It should be noted that not everything in Update will become available on September 4. There are special events like Iron Banner that will be scheduled at a later date. During the season, new Crucible Maps will enter Matchmaking playlists. We’ve also indicated the fact that one of these new maps will be a PlayStation exclusive.

Please stay tuned to this blog for a more complete calendar of events as we grow closer to the beginning of Season 4. Developer commentary for some of the new additions listed above is being gathered at this moment. We’ll also have updates on the maintenance windows for the two deployments in future editions of 'This Week At Bungie.'
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