Solstice of Heroes

Jul 17, 2018 - Destiny Dev Team

"This is our finest hour. Ever victorious against the enemies of humanity. Ever triumphant in our home, and around the system. Now the City wants to honor us. Who are we to deny them?"
—Ikora Rey

It was a day that was supposed to be a celebration of our past glories. The anniversary of Six Fronts — the victory that united the City and gave us the Vanguard. Guardians donned ceremonial armor to commemorate the event, and gathered for a rousing speech by the Speaker. Then everything came apart when the Red Legion struck.

The Tower fell. The City was lost. Thousands of lives were lost with it. It was our lowest point since the Collapse. But humanity is not so easily extinguished.

We fought back. We recovered our lost Light. With the awakening of the Traveler, we faced our conqueror and prevailed. We reclaimed our home. We entered a new Golden Age.

That was almost a year ago.

Now, humanity is once again victorious: against the overwhelming might of Ghaul and the Red Legion; against Panoptes and the infinite threat of the Vex; against Xol and the unfathomable hordes of the Hive. More than ever, the City is grateful for their seemingly invincible Guardian protectors. And more than ever, humanity wants to show that gratitude.

Solstice of Heroes begins on Tuesday, July 31. This event is held in the Tower, and allows the inhabitants of the City to celebrate and thank Guardians for bravely defending them. During this time of celebration, Guardians will once again don the now-broken ceremonial armor from the day the City was lost to the Red Legion. They do this for many reasons: to remind themselves of what it's like to not be invincible; to challenge themselves and thus inspire the City even more; and to eventually reforge that broken gear into something stronger... just as humanity has been broken and reforged over and over again for hundreds of years.

Guardians will meditate on their journey through the Red War and take on additional challenges in those memories. They will marvel at the resurgence of the Traveler, as the elements themselves flare into existence during their adventures. And they'll do it all while humanity celebrates their past, present, and future.

Ikora Rey is the Tower's representative for the Solstice of Heroes event. She'll direct you to the center of the Tower, where the City has erected the Statue of Heroes as the focal point for the event. The statue will track your Moments of Triumph progress, and grant you the Solstice of Heroes event armor that you will begin upgrading. 

New Armor to Upgrade

After you visit the Statue of Heroes, you will receive an uncommon "Scorched" armor set at Power 240. On each armor piece is a series of objectives that you will need to complete to upgrade the armor. Once you have completed the objectives, return to the Statue of Heroes to upgrade to the next set. 

After you upgrade your Shattered set, you'll receive the "Rekindled" set at Power 340 — with a new list of objectives. Once you complete those objectives, your reward is the "Resplendent" Armor Set at Power 400. One final group of objectives to complete, and you'll unlock the Masterwork version of the armor set.

If you love the way the Shattered or Rekindled sets look, and would rather show those off, we’ve got you covered. Each Resplendent Armor Set offers the previous versions as ornaments, so you can pick and choose how each piece looks.

Redux Missions

One of the ways you'll upgrade your armor during the event is through Redux Missions. We have hand selected 5 story missions and given them some slight alterations. Each mission can be accessed in the Tower by finding its statue. Here are the five missions for the event:

I - Homecoming

II - Spark

III - Payback

IV - 1AU

V - Chosen

Moments of Triumph

Many of you have already begun completing your Moments of Triumph, currently being tracked on The final five Triumphs will become available at the beginning of the Solstice Heroes event, and can be tracked in-game. Your Triumphs will be tracked by in-game bounties that are obtained at the Statue of Heroes. As you complete and turn in those Bounties, you'll unlock rewards that can be redeemed at the Statue.


There's also the Solstice Engram available from Tess Everis. You can earn three per account by completing the event Milestone on each of your characters. No matter what activity you play in Destiny 2 during Solstice of Heroes, you'll receive one Solstice Engram in addition to the Bright Engram you earn for leveling up.

Here's a look at some of the rewards that will drop from the Solstice Engram:

Armor Glows also come from the Solstice Engram. These can be applied to any version of the Solstice of Heroes armor sets, to provide Guardians with an enhanced look. Armor Glows are unlocked permanently, like ornaments, and they shine brightest when your subclass element aligns with the element of the Glow.

Developer Insights

In preparation for the Solstice of Heroes event, the July Update for Destiny 2 kicks off for all Destiny 2 players on July 17, 2018. This update introduces 6v6 Quickplay for the Crucible, Iron Banner upgrades, Exotic Armor tuning, new Exotic Catalysts, Prestige Raid Lairs, Vanguard and Crucible Bounties, the Moments of Triumph event with 400 Power gear, and more.

If you're looking to get a head start on your Moments of Triumph before Solstice of Heroes goes live on July 31, 2018, make sure to check out the Moments of Triumph Guide, which can be found here.
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