This Week at Bungie – 12/14/2017

Dec 14, 2017 - A_dmg04

This week at Bungie, we delivered Masterworks.

Update introduced more than just a few extra 1s to the version number. There are some new ways to invest in your favorite weapons, overhauls to vendors, new ways to gift rewards to your fireteam, and more. The Patch Notes can be found right here. Give them a read, and see if any of them address things you’ve been talking about—or wishing for secretly.

These are some of the first significant changes to the player experience that are based on your feedback. Iterating on Destiny has always been a process that involves you, and that process will continue. We have more updates to Destiny 2 planned for the New Year. Once January arrives, we’ll talk about what we have planned for the next one. And then for the one after that.

In the meantime, your voice is a welcome addition to this conversation. If you’re talking about Destiny, we’re listening. More importantly, we’re adding features and content to the game.

Origin Story

Next week, we’re launching a webcomic series, starting with an Osiris and Ikora origin story, “Fall of Osiris.” 

Margaret Stohl, Destiny 2 Narrative Director (who currently writes Marvel’s The Mighty Captain Marvel) notes:

“Destiny’s first-ever original comic short is written by Eisner-winning, New York Times bestselling writer Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics, Marvel’s The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl) in collaboration with our own super talented Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris narrative lead Christine Thompson, with interior art by Destiny community fan favorite Zé Carlos. Here’s a peek at the cover, by Marcio Takara (All-New Wolverine).

Osiris was once the champion of the Last City. Vanguard Commander. Seeker of secrets and discoverer of wonders. And then everything changed. How did Osiris go from hero to traitor? 

Coming soon, for free, on!

Before the Dawn

The celebration of a new Golden Age is about to arrive at the Tower—and the Farm.

Check out what you’ll find in Destiny 2 as it becomes a winter wonderland.

Adding without Subtracting

Earlier this week, we updated this same blog with some notes on how we intend to handle expansions differently going forward. You should read ’em. Essentially, our goals are to continue adding new challenges to Destiny, and to keep old challenges relevant without taking them away from anyone. It’s a delicate balance, and we intend to do a better job of striking it.

In the most immediate version of the future, that means making changes to Faction Rallies and Iron Banner so that they include everyone, no matter their level of investment in new content. We’ll talk to you more about that work as it gets done. These events will come back very soon, and they’ll be available to all.

Argos Defeated

Last week, the race to World’s First was held for the "Leviathan, Eater of Worlds" raid lair. The unexpected happened, and we’d like to congratulate the rag-tag team of Guardians who conquered their new foe with speed, grace, and deadly coordination. Not only did this fireteam form up the evening before the raid lair went live, their quick troubleshooting and in-game skill led them to take the crown. You can hear their reaction to earning the title here.

Additionally, we’d like to give props to the Traveller of Guardians clan for their completion of the raid lair. This fireteam consisted of six deaf players, communicating via video chat to troubleshoot the puzzles laid before them, leading to the defeat of Argos. 

These reactions are pure gold, and fantastic examples of what the teams at Bungie wish to create: unforgettable experiences, with new friends or old. Cheers to all who have made it through the Eater of Worlds.

As always, thanks for playing.

To All a Good Night

This is the last weekly address on for 2017. The conversation about Destiny 2 won’t stop, but the blog is being laid down for a long winter’s nap. Communication will continue on our forums and social media, where it can happen faster and from anywhere our holiday travels take us. We’ll be reading your feedback about the Dawning. We’ll be calling the shots for the live game. We’ll be addressing issues if they arise.

Here are some places where you can make your voice heard.

We’ll be back on the blog upon the conclusion of the Dawning to put the next conversation on your radar. We’ll even celebrate the triumphant return of Cozmo to the front lines! I won’t be disappearing, mind you. Now that I’ve taken a turn at the CM lectern, I’ll be a more visible member of the Player Support team that serves the Guardians every day.

A Patchwork of Notes

When bugs launch a full-scale attack, Destiny Player Support is on hand to fight for you in the war rooms at Bungie. To us, the only good bug is a dead bug. Would you like to know more?

This is our report.

Destiny Update Known Issues
For a list of issues that were resolved with Destiny Update, see the most recent Patch Notes. The following issues have recently been confirmed, and are currently being investigated by internal teams:
    • Masterwork Weapon Cores are not properly forwarded to the Postmaster when dismantling Masterwork Weapons with a full consumable inventory. As we investigate this issue, we advise players to ensure proper inventory space prior to dismantling their items.
    • Masterwork Multikills on Floating Enemies: We have verified an issue where multikills on floating enemies do not produce Orbs of Light as intended. This is currently under investigation.
    • Quickplay Challenges: We have identified an issue where Challenges do not appear to players when they are entering Quickplay in the Crucible.
    • Ikora Waypoint: We have identified an issue where players are witnessing a waypoint over Ikora when they do not have enough tokens for a reputation package. This is currently under investigation. Patch Notes
The following items were implemented alongside Update 
    • Players can now submit reports from postgame carnage reports for games they played in (web, Android, and iOS)
    • Added support for kill trackers on Masterwork weapon details (Android and iOS)
    • Players can now preview their forum posts before submitting them (web)

For the most up-to-date information concerning investigations, stay tuned to @BungieHelp,, and the Curse of Osiris: Vital Information and Known Issues thread.

Movie of the Week

Guardians around the globe have found inspiration in the worlds of Destiny, leading to amazing content uploaded to the Community Creations page. You can find many players taking on the role of directors, animators, or even actors in their own content. It’s always a pleasure to see the films and to reward people who showcase their creativity or overcome challenges. Winners are crowned in-game with the “Lens of Fate” emblem.

Roll the film!

Movie of the Week: #Selfie

Honorable Mention: Leviathan: Flawless – Zero Communication – No HUD

As always, make sure to note your PSN ID, Xbox Live Gamertag, or ID when you make your submissions. If you do win, emblems should be rewarded within a week. If you’re not seeing the emblem, let me know!

With all that said and done, we still have work to do. While the blog will be silent for the weeks to come, we’ll still have many in the studio dedicated to keeping things running throughout the holiday season. Keep the conversation rolling, and we’ll keep the communication flowing. @BungieHelp will keep you updated on known issues and server status. I’ll be collecting and responding to feedback wherever I can.

Once we enter the New Year, we’ll have more info concerning updates planned for early 2018, and we’ll keep the conversation going throughout the year.

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