Destiny 2 Update

Oct 3, 2023 - Destiny Dev Team


Seasonal Content 

Spire of Savathûn 

  • Removed the mention to matchmaking in the Legend difficulty option. 

Exotic Mission Rotator 

Seraph Shield 

  • Fixed an issue where players going through the teleporter early were not receiving rewards at activity completion. 

Raids and Dungeons 

Crota's End 

  • Players who completed the Crota's End Challenge mode during the first 48 hours have been granted the A Broken Throne emblem.  
    • Acquiring the emblem will complete the All For One and the Superior Swordplay Triumphs. 

Gameplay and Investment 


  • Fixed an issue where Delicate Tomb was not receiving Unstoppable Round when this perk is active for Fusion Rifles. 
  • Weapon tuning for Checkmate only: 
    • Increased damage penalty on:  
      • Devil's Ruin charged laser beam - 10% to 15% 
      • Fighting Lion - 0% to 20% 
      • Bows - 0% to 10% 
    • Reduced damage penalty on:  
      • Sidearms - 10% to 5% 
      • Submachine Guns - 5% to 0% 
      • Scout Rifles - 10% to 9% 
    • Increased bonus damage on:  
      • Auto Rifles - 0% to 2% 
      • Pulse Rifles - 0% to 5% 
    • Reduced bonus damage on:  
      • Hand Cannons - 10% to 7% 
    • Corrected an issue where Vex Mythoclast was benefiting from the bonus damage for Special Ammo Fusion Rifles. 


Strand Titan 

  • Banner of War 
    • Made some adjustments to visuals.  

UI And UX 

  • Added a tutorial on how to crush Hive ghosts to the Lucent Hive story mission from the Timeline Reflections quests. 
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