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Jul 15, 2022 - Hippy

Content creator, designer, voice-over artist?! Is there anything our latest Community Focus can’t do? Probably. Nobody is perfect, but just like those who have come before him, he exemplifies what it means to live authentically and with a kind heart, and what he brings to the Destiny 2 community is beautiful. Art, laughs, and just an overall good time. Meet Ahnubyss, a content creator that understands that honesty doesn’t have to be brutal, content creation doesn’t mean you have to change who you are, and getting silly is a no-brainer if it means making those around him smile more. 

Let’s get into it!  

Thanks for joining us today, Ahnubyss! Before we jump right into it, go ahead and tell us a little bit more about yourself.  

Hey! My name is Jeremiah, but I go by Ahnubyss for my content and on social media. I dabble in a few things—I love to learn new things, but no matter what I do, the same theme is always there: creation. Though I do work as a software engineer consultant in my day-to-day job, in my spare time I do voice-over work, graphic design (commissions open!), and content creation over on TikTok. Sure, it can get busy sometimes, but I just really enjoy creating.  

It sounds like you are wearing a few different hats, which—impressive! How did you get started in content creation, especially for things like voice work?  

Thanks! Well, I started my design journey about 10-plus years or so before I went to university. Back then, I was making Twitter and YouTube banners, as well as iconography, for a clan called Team Pawnage. I was pretty good at it, especially for just starting out, but eventually I had to pause those types of projects to focus on my studies in aerospace engineering. After wrapping that up, however, and following working in the engineering sector for a while, that desire to create came back in full force. Ever since then, it’s been all about that focus when it comes to creating content and finding my specific craft. Looking up to folks like Brandon McCamey (Gammatrap) and YungKhan has helped immensely with inspiration and staying on track with my own goals.  

For working in Voice Over (VO), that has also been a long journey, one that is rooted in playing video games with a good friend of mine. We would always do funny little voices when we were in voice chat, and I was always told that I had a knack for it. At first, I just brushed it off, but then a few years passed by, and something changed. I was raided by Clan Redeem during a Twitch stream and when their community joined in with mine to check out the stream, I was suddenly faced with a ton of comments about my voice. I laughed then and thought, “Well, damn, OK, maybe I do have something going on?” It didn’t take long for McCamey to hit me up on a stream to tell me to do some improv live! I mean, what do you do in that moment other than just improv? [laughs] So, I did, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. It was that stream that ended up spawning Mortis Maledictum, an ongoing horror series written by McCamey’s brother, Devin. That then led to Warlords, Dynasty, and tons of other collaborations.  

As far as streaming goes, that’s an off-and-on-again thing for a long time, but after George Floyd’s murder in the United States back in 2020 and seeing all of the protests going on, it made realize that I was not doing well mentally, and I just needed some space. Space to breathe, vent, rant, laugh, and just... cope. I’m normally known for being put together and cool, calm, and collected, so knowing that I was really at a point that I couldn’t hide my then-mental state, I realized there were probably others out there that weren’t doing too hot either in the online communities I love. So, I booted up the ‘ol stream to make another accessible space for people to come and just take a load off, if needed. It was dubbed Ahfterlife. (Ah, you get it? Because “Ahnubyss”?) And after all of that, here we are!  

That... is beautiful. Thank you for sharing and seeing a time where you could provide a little more light to the world without shying away from the uglier parts of it. That’s really inspiring!  

Looking at your content, is there any sort of niche that you enjoy the most? Did making that type of content help you grow at all as a person?  

I think my favorite type of content to make would have to be those meaty collaborations with projects like Dynasty and Warlords. I’ve spent a long time trying to find my feet and I found that I’ve been happiest when running lines with people like BigDaddyTeej and Byf. Seeing everything come together from pre-production to the final project for others to enjoy is the greatest. Those types of projects helped me grow as a person and a creator, and it helped me better understand that the world is filled with people that have different perspectives that are valid. While no one can be perfect, those differing experiences can help make that final shape even better. (See what I did there? [laughs] No regrets.) 

Love your Destiny content in particular, I have no shame in admitting to repeat-watches watches. Speaking of Destiny, how did you get started in this universe and has your relationship with this universe evolved at all? 

You mean that you too enjoy outlandish and totally “do not take this seriously at all” Destiny 2 content? [laughs] Good to know! And thank you for the kind words! As for how I got my start in Destiny, it was way back in the beta times. I remember seeing the original trailer for the game and seeing the Warlock in action and just thought to myself, “Yup, I like that. Sold!” Back in those Destiny 1 days, I just could not get enough of the game. It was a grind, and even when that grind got a little painful because I wanted everything, I loved every second of it, even if I didn’t quite know how deep that love went at the time.   

These days, it’s more of a casual relationship. I’m taking my time levelling, taking more moments to simply enjoy the story (Season of the Haunted is amazing by the way), and just enjoy the ride. That’s not to say I don’t step it up for things like those spicy day-one challenges, especially with things like the Vow of the Disciple raid; I had an incredible team to roll with for that one.  

Do you have any memorable moments that stick out to you the most? Maybe even some characters that have carved a special place in your heart? (She says as a massive Crow fan.) 

The most memorable moment for me has to be two-manning Crota’s End with a long-time friend. The sheer joy we felt when completing it will stay with me for a very, very long time. As for characters, you know I have to shout out my girl Mara Sov. Listen, OK, she’s just misunderstood, don’t give me that look, Hippy.  

No looks here. Scout’s honor. OK, so you know me by now, you know I’m Titan for life, so I’ve got to ask: What’s your go-to class and playstyle?  

Oh, I’m Hunter all the way. While things in the sandbox have changed significantly (and will even more so in the future), I have always loved being able to recover from horrible situations using stealth and dodge. You’re just so zippy and being able to sneak directly up to enemies, snag a quick revive for a fallen Guardian, and enable our escape with a well-placed smoke grenade? Nothing beats it.  

I always look back to my Sunsinger days of the first Destiny when everyone in my raid team died and everyone asking me in a panic if I had a self-rez. Especially the Titans (yeah, I said it, Hippy). Jokes aside, I will say that Titans and Warlocks are fantastic classes and I do feel very powerful when I run on those characters. Playing as a Hunter, thought, it just hits different.  

If you could craft your perfect Destiny experience (no topic is off-limits!), what would that look like? New subclasses? Different characters? Romance (looking at you, Mass Effect fans)? 

First off, I would like to preface my answer by saying that while I do work in development, I have absolutely no idea just how painful and intricate game development is, so please take this as 100% of a pipe dream.  

In general, if I could craft my ideal Destiny experience, I’d include some more Destiny 1 elements, like how the first game handled “the grind” and daily tasks. Those “hero moments” felt so much more heroic during instances like raids when you had to try and close out with only half the team up.  

Right now, I’m in love with running around the Derelict Leviathan using my new Incandescent weapons, but I do wish that it loved me back a little more with bumped up XP. Having said that, I do get how this could quickly turn into a negative thing by tying XP to activities more freely, especially with AFK (away from keyboard) players always around in online games. I’d also like to see Heroic and Legendary strikes reward players with cosmetic items too, not only the Exotic drops, or having a strike-specific wearable cosmetic item to earn by running these. I’d honestly just like to see more cosmetics too, but again—I understand that things like that require resources that may be focused elsewhere.  

I love how wild the weapons and classes are becoming, but I wish there was more of a distinct separation between PvP and PvE because sometimes those epic changes can be painful in PvP. For PvE, specifically, I would love leaning more into the different classes that we have and making them even more distinct outside of build crafting with base traits that align with the principles of any given class. Warlocks with a persistent healing skill slot, Hunters with improved stealth and DPS, but much less resilience, and Titans having a baseline tank trait—I think things like that could do wonders.  

And a totally off-shot pipe dream? More community goals for cosmetic goodies, like Escalation Protocol. Maybe even kill ten million Nightmares for an emblem or glow-y Nightmare armor transmog. I’m not saying I would love that, but that is exactly what I’m saying.  

Any wild theories on what’s coming next? Don’t be scared to get weird, we love weird!  

I feel like we are going to learn a lot more about the Traveler and how it may not be as good as it seems. It seems to have a bit of a habit of resurrecting those who have been manipulated and are capable of excessive violence. Maybe I’m just odd, but that’s not exactly wholesome goodness right there.  

I think it’s going to be us Guardians that will be the “final shape,” and we’ll have a combination of both Light and Darkness abilities. And with that, we’ll continue to perform completely epic feats while removing any Light and Dark entities that may try to stand in the way.  

For anyone looking to pursue their own goals of content creation, what’s one piece of advice you’d like to offer them?  

Discover your intentions and write them down. It may be a simple phrase but it’s important. Chasing numbers, likes, views—that's not the way. Those surface goals will only lead to disappointment and a lack of fulfillment. Take the time to really delve deep and find what brings you the most joy and bring that into the world, no matter if it’s a hobby or professional, regardless of the views you may get, or the followers that may join you. Do it for you. And when things get rough, which they will, read that note and remind yourself why you started in the first place. We’re all different, so don’t be afraid to be.  

You love to see it, Ahn, you love to see it. Thanks again for another great Community Focus! Before we let you go, is there anyone you’d like to give a special shout out to? Also, where can folks find you to share in your journey?  

Um. Yeah, sorry, there’s no way I can make this a small list, I owe too much to these people. I’d like to shout out Sean the Brop (intentional misspelling, he’ll get it, even if it doesn’t make much sense to anyone else) for just always being that guy. We’re always challenging each other and it’s a pleasure to call him a friend. Gladd and the rest of the Redeem team for showing me love and putting me on my path and onto the radar of opportunities. Also, a shout out to my legendary mods Almahex and Odisgaming 44 too for always being there and always ready to help!  

Now for the homies: 

Now for the homies, shoutout to: Ekuegan, LockandloadLiv, BlackDahlia (J4), Zzephiris, AyyItsChevy, iAmplitude, Sweatcicle, OBKatieKat, Tiddly, Dragosnuv, BigDaddyTeej, Byf, SweatyOrNot, FPSKrystal, Karlyy, ImPwnstar, Caliverse, SabeTheBlade, Megabrickz, Jammyantics, vnogi, Danfinity, LuckyRevamped, Mudcat, Becca Godsey, illphysics, demonjoe, Silverspeare, Ansonikage, Pijinn, Foxytocinn, Lunarology, Robotress, Uhmaayyze, D Flawless, Cinemamotions, Iriska, An00bis (He stole my name, I swear. The audacity [laughs]), JSniperton, IScreamQueen, CoreBri, iMeixo, Dainti, Lostangel2k5, Rosieknuckles, JustManda, Revenant, SentinelGray, Malnightingale, Drexisanimations, Moonvald, KarimCheese, Janna & Ono, MsKenner, Syvix, Nyxzy, Ampfy, PhoenixInfyrno, CarlyFoxySox, BonaFideHiro, Hathematics, Dkxyz0, jayyytuck, GrandadGaming, Eseipha, Spidercides, MetaWorks, Mingway, ShackleOhNo, DanDrumStone, Verysmolhat, Chaps_28, AngelicaFTW, TryHardTristan, Parisito, RoboticAdi, Above, TravelDanielle, GamerGirlGrey, Gumpita, Benny, Kananers, TakenLeonidas, nathINSANE, Justin MacCarthy, El Bakenator, Condieflyy, Zoe_ & TheIRLTitan, AscendentNomad, Melou, Y_U_R, CardboardArmMan, Rebex, Zedd, Tamsinwood, Papa Tez, Lil__gizmo, LanaLane, BooDoesGames, Dwezel, TanukiiSan, MissNoodle, Chisefiore, ScottThaDude, Jadeymo, Mittenskittens, ItsBRISM, MikeLongworth, ProfessorQuinn, WlCustoms, LogPowerSlave, SyncroV2, Wulff87, Noequalibrium, See_jane_play, Dwilliams217, Rebuken, Pro_superhero, Tobine "Dipless," Toniftw, PolarbearTwitch, AChimpsWorld, AdvancedMelina, TemptressTeelia , and many, many more. I’ve met some truly incredible people and I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today if it weren’t for them.  

I’d also like to thank the Bungie developers and community managers that have interacted with me. I know what I’m like and I just want to say I deeply appreciate it. And a special shout out to Destiny 2 emote-making master, Ben Platnick. He’s great.   

For where to find me, you can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and other socials under Uhnubyss, or you can check out my website here.  

What’s that sound? That’s the sound of another Community Focus wrapping up to become a fundamental part of the future of Bungie. If you’re interested, we have some other incredible humans to feature, as well. Interested in accessibility? We’d like to introduce you to Grant Stoner. Interested in hearing from an amazing content creator from Brazil? We’ve got you covered with EversonMITOBR. If you’d like to check out our latest Community Focus, then look no further than Kitsuneminx, the founder of a special LFG Discord that helps Guardians achieve their in-game goals.  

Until next time Guardians, make sure you’re drinking water and taking care of yourself. We’ll see you next time. 


<3 “I should go,” 
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