Destiny 2 Showcase Recap

Aug 24, 2021 - Bungie

Today, we had a lot to say about Destiny 2’s past, present, and future. Our game and community are thriving with new content going live right now and exciting things coming up in the near future. Below, you will find all of the trailers, videos, and info we shared today. This is your one-stop shop to find everything you need to know about The Witch Queen, Season of the Lost, and the 30th anniversary celebration. If you missed our big showcase stream today and want to watch it in its entirety, here you go.  

The Witch Queen 


We just gave you the first look at Destiny 2’s next expansion, The Witch Queen. Savathûn awaits in her Throne World as you will attempt to unravel her web of lies and survive the truth through a new campaign. New Lucent Hive Guardians wield the Light against you.  

The Witch Queen is the definitive Destiny 2 campaign that captures the special feelings from memorable activities like Presage and our favorite Dungeons and translates them into a campaign experience. For the first time ever, you’ll have the option to turn up the difficulty  and sweat it out through Legendary Mode. Your extra effort won’t just be for bragging rights: Choosing the road less traveled will earn you powerful gear and extra rewards.  

In The Witch Queen, you won’t just be finding weapons, you will be making them. Crafting is coming to Destiny for the first time and it starts with the Glaive – Destiny's first and only first-person melee weapon. The Glaive is a versatile new energy weapon archetype that allows you to utilize melee combos, mid-ranged projectiles, and defensive capabilities. We’ll have more to share on the Glaive in the future, including class-specific Exotic variants with unique attacks.  

The Glaive isn’t the only weapon that you’ll be able to craft. You’ll also be able to forge all of The Witch Queen and Seasonal weapons with your own two hands. Crafting is more versatile than the Umbral system and will even allow you to hunt for specific perks.

The campaign is only the beginning. The Witch Queen also introduces a new six-player activity, a new raid, and much, much, more. 

Learn more about The Witch Queen.

Season of the Lost 

Season of the Lost is live now. This Season acts as a prelude to The Witch Queen and will set the stage for the upcoming expansion. Mara Sov, the Queen of the Awoken, has returned to the Dreaming city and needs your help to save her lost tech witches from the Shattered Realm. 

This Season is full of new weapons, a new six-player activity, a new weekly mission, and a portal to the Shattered Realm. The Lorentz Driver Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle can be instantly unlocked with a Season Pass or earned by ranking up. Ager’s Scepter, a new Stasis-powered Exotic Trace Rifle will be available later in the Season through an Exotic quest. 

On top of all of the weapons we previewed last week, there are also brand-new Legendary Stasis weapons in the Season of the Lost arsenal.  

Learn more about Season of the Lost.

Season of the Lost is longer than the average Destiny 2 Season and doesn’t end until The Witch Queen launches on February 22, 2022. We’ll have more details to share when we release our Road to The Witch Queen calendar in the near future. You can expect to see Festival of the Lost, Moments of Triumph, The Dawning, and more. 

The Season Pass reward path, artifact, and challenges will carry on throughout the Season without resetting. We’ll also be making additional Bright Dust available and resetting the amount of Synthweave tokens you can earn through bounties in the second half of the Season. Stay tuned for more details on this later in the Season.  

30th Anniversary 

It’s hard to believe Bungie has been making games for 30 years. It’s been our mission for three decades to build worlds that inspire friendship. This milestone has given us a chance to look back at some of the memories we made along the way. 

Today, we previewed in-game content we are releasing to celebrate 30 years of making games. The 30th anniversary celebration is coming on December 7 and it’s free for all players. It will offer a new six-player matchmade activity, iconic weapons to collect, mysteries to unravel and rewards that commemorate our long and storied history together.  

In addition to the free event, players can also purchase the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack that includes a collection of content and rewards you aren’t going to want to miss. 
  • Treasure-themed three-player Dungeon in the Cosmodrome 
  • Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher’s debut in Destiny 2 
  • Thorn armor set 
  • Marathon and Bungie 30th Anniversary streetwear-inspired ornament sets 
  • Collection of favorite Destiny 1 weapons, including Eyasluna and 1000-Yard Stare 
  • Claymore Sword inspired by Myth 
  • Shotgun inspired by Marathon 
  • Unique Helmet Ornament 
  • Exotic Sparrows 
  • Exotic ship 
  • Emblems, shaders, emotes 
  • And more! 

Learn more about 30th Anniversary.

Which Witch Should I Get? 

Are you having a hard time picking which edition is right for you? Here is a quick guide to break ‘em down. For the full list of features included in each package you can also check out this page.   

Are you a collector of anything and everything Destiny all of the time? 
The Witch Queen Collector’s Edition has it all. You get digital codes for the Witch Queen Deluxe Edition and the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack as well as the Hive Ghost and all of the other physical goodies in the Collector’s Edition. Visit the Bungie Store right now to order The Witch Queen Collector’s Edition; we also have a slew of new merchandise going live today! 

Already have the game codes you need, but still want all of the collectibles? 

Do you play everything Destiny has to offer but don’t need the physical collectibles? 
The Deluxe Edition + Bungie 30th Anniversary Bundle is going to get you The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition and everything in the 30th Anniversary Pack. This will set you up with Seasons 16, 17, 18, and 19, as well as a ton of other Destiny content. If you are a hardcore player that consumes it all, this is your best option.   

Just want The Witch Queen?  
The Standard Edition will get you the base expansion without all the bells and whistles. You can decide later if you want to buy the Seasons as they arrive and can also pick up the 30th Anniversary Pack separately as well.  

If I buy the Standard Edition, can I upgrade it to the Deluxe later? 
Yes. More details on that in the future.  

If I purchase the Standard Edition of The Witch Queen, will I be able to get the additional Dungeons that are included in the Deluxe Edition? 
Yes, you can upgrade to the Deluxe Edition to access the Dungeons. We will also add a separate access path in the future. 

If I already have Game Pass on Xbox will I get access to The Witch Queen? 
No. The Witch Queen will not be available within Game Pass. 

Trials of Osiris Revamp 

One of the big updates we’re bringing in Season of the Lost is an overhaul of Trials of Osiris – our 3v3 high-stakes PvP activity. We are reworking the activity and the rewards structure with the goal of making it more approachable to more players. We still want it to feel like an aspirational activity where winning is meaningful but want to ensure that, even if you are not the best PvP player, your time spent playing Trials is still worth it and provides you with rewards for your effort. Here are a few things coming when Trials of Osiris kicks off on September 10. 
  • New matchmaking options for Duos and Singles.
  • The ability to keep playing your card past three losses.
  • Tokens have been removed and gear will now drop from Trials engrams.
  • Trials of Osiris will now require purchase of the yearly expansion to play. 

We will have a full article with more details on 8/25. 

If I don’t have Beyond Light, will I be able to play Trials in Season of the Lost? 
No, you will need the current yearly expansion to access Trials of Osiris. That is currently Beyond Light and will switch to The Witch Queen when it releases.  

If I don’t have Beyond Light, but I pre-order The Witch Queen, do I get access to Trials before the expansion launches? 
No, Trials of Osiris will require Beyond Light until 2/22/22 and after that, it will require The Witch Queen.  

What are you doing about cheaters in Trials? 
Keep reading... 

Security Update 

BattlEye anti-cheat software is being implemented and will go through several rounds of testing before it’s fully operational. Read our full security update for more information on BattlEye as well as a few other changes we’re making.  

We hope you enjoyed today’s extravaganza of announcements, trailers, and huge helpings of hype delivered via train. We still have a lot to cover before February and Light subclasses are being majorly revamped in Year-5 starting with Void 3.0. Beginning with our 30th Anniversary celebration on December 7, we’re adding a new dungeon or raid every three months going forward. To keep this content fresh, we’ll add legacy rotations to feature different dungeons and raids to ensure every aspirational activity has relevant rewards.   

As we take a moment this year to look back on 30 years of making games, the constant through all of it has always been you – the players. It’s truly been an honor to see the memories made, the friendships forged, and the millions of hours spent in the worlds we’ve created. If you share our passion for making games, come join us

The past is storied, and the future is bright for Destiny 2 as we move forward with The Witch Queen, Lightfall, and The Final Shape; which will be the final chapter in the Light and Darkness saga that will set the stage for the future of Destiny 2. We are committed to supporting this game for the long term. Thanks for joining us on this starside ride.
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