Bungie Store Community Artist Series

May 22, 2020 - Bungie

We are pleased to announce the next installment of the Bungie Store Community Artist Series. This is the second collection of official merchandise featuring art from the Destiny community – and it’s available now!

Please join us in celebrating our creative and talented community with these limited edition collectible products. Each artist receives a revenue share of sales from their product design. The program is currently by invite only and we plan on adding more designs throughout the year.

My name is Jen Whaley. Online I’m known as Jennwhale! While I have experience working in various styles, my main focus is line-work; using both digital and traditional mediums. Bungie has wonderful artists that create incredibly gorgeous experiences that I love to celebrate with my own art. I love the Moon, Dreadnaught, and all things Hive! Creating fan art to spread the joy of Destiny was the goal, but in return, I got much more: a loving community and acknowledgment from the company who originally created the beautiful game I draw fan art for!

Drawing has always been my favorite hobby! Around five years ago, I discovered Prismacolor Premier Pencils, they are amazing at blending and I love working with them!

I really enjoy drawing characters and space, as I am super into astronomy. My style tries to reflect realism and I often choose to include gold in my artwork! Destiny is a huge source of inspiration for me as it is so aesthetically pleasing - I see it as an interactive masterpiece. Last year I graduated university with a Bachelor of Arts in Game Development. I am now a full-time freelance artist, pursuing a career in concept/illustration!

Hi! I'm Nathaniel and I started creating art at a young age with the work of the late Quinton Hoover (RIP) being my biggest inspiration. I love mixing genres and creating customized art from existing properties while trying not to illustrate what's already been done. It's both a fun challenge and my way of getting lost.

I love how Destiny combines styles from different cultures – I'm looking forward to an Oceanic theme! Making art is an extension of what I enjoy in Destiny and as long as there are good stories and characters, I'll keep making art that the community can hopefully enjoy!
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