Bungie Weekly Update – 11/05/2015

Nov 4, 2015 - DeeJ

This week at Bungie we’re counting Passage Coins, and more.

The first weekend of Trials of Osiris in Year Two is over. Whenever, wherever, and however you play Destiny, the mad scientists in Bungie User Research are watching. Every helmet you don, every weapon you wield, and every enemy you dispatch (and how) becomes a data point in our matrix of carnage and mayhem. The numbers add up to a mountain of learnings we can use to refine the player experience.

Trials of Osiris is a unique opportunity to boil down the mathematical sampling in… a Crucible (bad joke confirmed – deal with it). Over the weekend, the Crucible Elite descended upon Bannerfall, again and again, to battle for access to the Lighthouse. While we’re analyzing the combat sandbox every day, a Crucible Endgame event offers a great snapshot for how people spar in the arena.

Introducing the pilot edition of a brand new feature that we hope will become a weekly thing around here:

In the return of Trials of Osiris, 133,444 players made it to the Lighthouse at least once. With the steeper incline provided by new matchmaking, the winner’s circle population is down from 188,442 in May. Those sun-soaked victorious warriors amounted to 16.25% of the 820,986 players who challenged them in Trials of Osiris.

We’re looking at all the numbers. The guns you used. The ways you fought. The hammers you threw, or caught with your face. In the weeks to come, we’ll share a lot of details for how we’ll be refining various weapons and classes in an upcoming December update. It will address some things you’ve told us, as well as some of what we’ve noticed during our constant study of the battles that rage among you.

First up, we have a November Update in the pipeline, packed with the improvements to Quests and Bounties that we’ve already promised, along with some other promises we have yet to make.

Keep talking about Destiny, and we’ll keep making it a game we all want to play.

Promises We Have Yet To Make

Need Weapon Parts?

We know! We’ve read a lot of feedback about the abject poverty that was induced when we adjusted their drop rate. My Boss says things are getting dire for him! He’s down to only 1,656 of them, so we need to act fast. As part of the November update, we’re authorizing Banshee-44 as your Weapon Parts dealer. He’ll accept Glimmer as a form of payment.

In all sincerity, as the curators of your living social world, we reserve the right to tinker with the economy. We also reserve the right to change our minds again once we’ve had a chance to read the forum. Thanks for giving enough of a damn to tell us what’s up.

On that note, you’ll see yet more welcome changes to the in-game economy in the December update. Rumor has it that Petra will have use for your Etheric Light, and Eris has been asking if anyone out there is hoarding a surplus of Worm Spore. Turns out she loves the stuff.

Those changes, and more, are coming soon.

The Masks We Wear

Many heroes wear masks. On the #Help forum, the arbiters of support can be found shielded by the pseudonyms of BNGHelp. Destiny Player Support is always there to keep you safe.

DPS: The final days of the Festival of the Lost are upon us. Don’t forget: Candy consumables, Gifts of the Lost, and Rare (Blue) quality Masks will be removed from all character Inventories when the Festival ends. Additionally, Festival-themed items provided by Eververse Trading Co. will no longer be available for purchase. More details can be found in the Festival of the Lost Guided Support.

We’ve noticed a few reports of Guardians attempting to redeem Armsday orders directly from their Inventory without speaking to Banshee-44 first. Doing so may result in the loss of your order. For more information, please visit our Armsday FAQ.

With the return of Trials of Osiris, many of you are attempting to go shiny and chrome with a 9-0 Lighthouse run. We’d like to remind you that all Trials of Osiris consumables/boons are now acquired directly from the Trials Passage card. You can locate your Trials Passage card from the Mission Items portion of your character’s Inventory menu, after purchasing it from Brother Vance.

If you seek aid and succor, please visit their domain.

The Big Screen

We watch billions and billions of videos to find the stars.

Cozmo: We love watching your adventures out in the wild. Every week, you send us your creations and we pick out our favorites to feature here for all to see. Should your video be one of the featured films, you will be handsomely rewarded with a rarely-seen Emblem. The best way for your work to be seen is through the Creations page. 

Let’s see what you’ve cooked up this week.

Movie of the Week: The stars are calling.

Honorable Mention: Momma said knock you out.

Honorable Mention: Music video television [NSFW].

I’m outta here. I’ll be reading your comments in a cab, bound for the airport. Once there, I’ll be bound for Chicago. It’s the birthplace of Bungie, don’t you know – along with a Clan of Gunslingers I’ve been playing games with for over ten years. Call it a Clan Leadership Sabbatical. In reality, it’s more of a vacation.

Cozmo will be holding down the Community Desk all by himself. He’ll have blog updates and Creations and sweet Tweets and maybe even some Patch Notes to share, if all goes well. Be excellent to him.

Upon my return, we’ll talk to you more about that December update. We’ll also pass the mic to the Live Team. Once they’re done passing out candy, they’ll have more to say about what they’ll do next to keep Year Two fresh and filled with exciting experiences we can all enjoy. There’s more to come, and we’re anxious to tell you all about it.

Until then, keep the skies clear.

DeeJ, out.
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