Bungie Store Rises Again

Jun 18, 2014 - Dust

In the Tower that overlooks the last safe city on Earth, you’ll find vendors at the ready to equip brave Guardians with everything they need to become legend. On the Internet, there is also such a place for Bungie fans.

Remember the Golden Age of the Bungie Store? Several weeks ago, it suffered a great collapse! The days that followed were hard, but we have worked together to rebuild a new store within the protective veil of the Traveler.

All metaphors aside, we do love to outfit you with the gear you need to express your inner hero. Enthusiasm for a game is a thing that can keep you just as warm on the outside as it does on the inside. 

When he’s not designing imagery that exposes you to the world of Destiny, Elliott Gray is creating items for your inventory that let you take a little piece of Bungie with you wherever life finds you. Here’s what he had to say about the new spring line:

“If it’s a Destiny shirt, we want to make it look like something a Guardian would be comfortable wearing. If it’s a Bungie shirt, you can be sure that our employees would rock it while they’re hard at work polishing Destiny to a mirror-shine.”

From modern to retro, these fashionable items needed a new runway. In the midst of everything else that’s transpiring around us to put this game into your eager hands, we found the time to tear down the store and rebuild it. The new vendor is more powerful than before.

“The store is completely revamped, making it easier to than ever to fill your cart full of sweet, sweet swag,” says Elliot. “We’ve updated our shipping system to offer more options for shipping, and of course we still ship internationally.”

Are you on board with our plans for world domination? Prove it. This is the only tag you’ll need to make you easily searchable in a world filled with Guardians who are waiting for their next adventure to begin.

The Bungie Store is open for business again.
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