Thank You, Destiny Community

Sep 4, 2013 - Dust

This has been a kick-ass summer for Bungie. On the heels of your first glimpse at our brave new world, we journeyed far and wide to introduce Destiny to the real world. Our adventure truly began at E3, where we revealed the gameplay that awaits you, and other brave Guardians. Then, we voyaged to gamescom to bring the mission to a new frontier. Every step of the way, our community has been the wind at our backs.

Throughout our travels, we have made new friends, bold promises, and great strides toward world domination. We’ve been greeted by excited faces who are anxious to explore the wild with us. The reception has been inspiring and humbling. As this season draws to a close, we’re taking a moment to express our gratitude for your unyielding support.

You’re the reason we’re making this game. You will add the most important ingredient to this living, social world. And we’re already looking forward to the next adventure.

Stay tuned, Bungie Community. This exploration only gets better over time.
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