Eris Morn Returns

As the heroes of the last safe city turn their attention to the far-reaching frontiers of our galaxy, new Nightmares have emerged from an ancient evil that once slumbered beneath the Lunar surface.


Conquer Your Fears

Return to the Moon. Journey deep into a mysterious Hive Keep. Work with Eris to slay the Nightmares before they cast humanity into an age of darkness for good.


Light Up the Moon

Hunt for All-New Gear

Discover unique weapons and armor in ways both new and old—construct weapons out of Nightmare Essence with Eris Morn and collect exciting new Exotics from quests and enemy drops.


Heresy & Salvation

Pit of Heresy Dungeon

There lies a pit chiseled into Moon's surface where the Light does not reach. Venture beyond the Scarlet Keep and disrupt the rituals before the daughters of Crota seal Luna’s fate.

Garden of Salvation Raid

A signal emerges from the dark and reaches beyond dimensions, into the uncharted wilds of the Black Garden. Where it leads inside the Garden remains a mystery. One that whispers with temptation, yearning to be solved.

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