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Destiny 2
Forsaken Pack
  • Purchases of Forsaken on Xbox One will transfer to Xbox Series X|S for free via Smart Delivery. Purchases on PlayStation 4 will upgrade to PlayStation 5 for free. 
  • Destiny 2: Forsaken is a standalone purchase and does not require any additional content to play. 
  • Images may contain items that are currently unavailable in-game.


Armed for Adventure
Over 20 Exotic weapons to collect and master. Draw Trinity Ghoul’s bowstring and vanquish waves of enemies with lightning or turn opponents to ash with the Exotic Hand Cannon, Ace of Spades. Instantly unlock your favorite three weapons and use your new power to face the challenges that await within The Shattered Throne dungeon and Last Wish raid.

  • Forsaken Pack instant unlocks cannot be used on dungeon or raid weapons.
  • One-time purchase only. Multiple purchases will not grant additional Ciphers.

    Forsaken Ciphers
    Gear up to save the universe by instantly unlocking your favorite three Forsaken Exotic weapons at the Exotic Archive vendor in the Tower. 
    • Ciphers are awarded once per account.
    The Shattered Throne
    Explore the depths of The Shattered Throne dungeon. Defeat Dûl Incaru, the Eternal Return, and reap rewards like the Wish Ender Exotic Bow.
    Last Wish Raid
    Are you ready to confront the evil at the heart of the Dreaming City in pursuit of the One Thousand Voices Exotic Fusion Rifle? This pinnacle experience awaits.
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