Fr0zen [FRZN]

he who endures conquers

We're the filthy casuals that are here for the lolz not the glory. In this titan bubble all we serve is PUNCH!!! Are you an orphaned princess who likes to sing her emotional status? Do you know deep down in your chewy caramel center that dusk and dawn shader is the only shader? Are you a New Doug? Are you an Old Doug? Do you know that Practice Won't Help? Do you know the first 5 to 8 rules of fight club? THEN THIS CLAN IS FOR YOU!!!!! We'll also accept whalers from the moon, cannon fodder, meat shields and anyone that throws panic grenades. So go ahead. Join us. It may be the best or worst decision you've ever made. Then come over to ....sometimes there's even useful information there. We also finish each others sandwiches....and yeah it is disgusting. As we get close to full, we remove anyone who hasn't played in months. It's nothing personal, just keeping the clan active. If you want to come back, you're always welcome.

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  • Created September 18, 2014

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