Jara Cimrman volunteers [CSM]

The future is aluminium

Czech, Slovak, Moravia -CSM- clan originaly created for the Warthunder game, spread across several games now. We are playing for fun to have a good time. Web Stránka: www.csm-clan.cz Na komunikáciu používame TeamSpeak3 IP adresa: ts.csmclan.eu Jara Cimrman is an imaginary Czech pedadogue, inventor, playwright, detective, historian and much more. During all the years of his existence he inspired many people to achieve better results by his specific wit. Jara Cimrman technicaly won 2005 The Greatest Czech award. But caused by his 'inexistence' was disqualified and his prize took King Charles IV. Fight with us, for his legacy and future. 'The future is aluminium', Jara da Cimrman - epitaph

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  • Created October 29, 2017

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