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Destiny of Sweden

「losing is learning winning is teaching」

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    En clan för den svensk spelande destiny communityn, till för att hitta nya vänner och lära sig nya grejer i spelet och samtidigt har otroligt kul!

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原先發佈於:Destiny of Sweden
10/14/2021 5:43:20 PM

TΛKΞN - En ny cross-platform Clan

Hello, Fellow Guardians & Welcome to TΛKΞN. We are a Cross-platform community dedicated to Destiny 2. We're here to make friends and complete as much endgame content as we can before the other half complains about how much time we spend on THAT GAME. We offer: Training Raids, Normal Raids, Private & Clan PVP matches, Trials Of Osiris (Normal/Flawless) Grand Master Nightfall and much much more... CLAN IS OPEN AND CROSS-PLATFORM SO FEEL FREE TO JOIN US (We have Swedish & English speaking members)



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