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7/19/2014 8:42:20 PM

Google Wallet

So Google Wallet has kind of been announced, and it seems many banks have been pursuing this option. The question though ends up being is how useful will such an item be to a user, and how does Google gain the revenue it needs to support this if it is free for the user. After all transaction fees and the likes may need to be made, either via the business or the customer. Still at the end of the day, it seems that this could remove alot of hassle but also involves the giving up of information that we have been told time and again not to give. Well buying things on amazon is another way of not following the rules. Still one has to wonder how the public might feel about this, afterall they are the direct audience this is being sold to. So i thought to check on the flood to see their reactions on it. What concerns would you the Flood Members have with this idea, and would you be interested in using such an option?



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