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CraftBrewers Guild

「With Our Pint, We Fight!」

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    Few things are as elite as the Guardians in this universe, CraftBeer is no exception. The Saint-15 Trappist Monks have ensured Ales flow through our veins as the battle intensifies, we shall stop at nothing to ensure they rest easy for we rejoice in their hard labor. Without our snifters of ale, and steins of lager washing away our nightmares of bloody combat, the darkness would grow stronger by the second. Haste the day your brothers present you with the nectar of the lords. Whether it be Phogoth's Imperial Stout, Barrel Aged Kabr, or Praedyth's Pale, celebrate the true meaning of life in our guild. Join us in fellowship and let us praise the Tattered Pint of the Traveler! For Glory! And for CraftBeer! Celebrating Beer and the people who make them

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