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Beam rifle

New weapon types are being expected in the comet expansion. And this is something I would like to see. [b]The Beam Rifle[/b] A special weapon type laser gun. This gun would not have rate of fire instead have beam intensity. This is essentially the equivalent to RoF for a laser weapon. It would not have impact, it would have burn intensity. Burn is really what causes the damage with this type of gun. The gun starts it's damage weakly but has a stacking burn damage that consistent fire keeps stacked at its max, the higher the burn intensity the higher the max. Example: Your initial damage will deal 5 points, with the burn intensity if you stop firing the enemy will receive burn damage for a set damage of time equal to half with a 50% fall off on each second(so 8>4>2>1 [rounded down])the last damage dealt, so in this case 2 points for the set time every second. If you continued to fire the damage will increase to 150% the last dealt damage, so in this case from 5 to 7. Stopping fire now will deal 3 points of burn damage. Continuing fire would increase it to 10 and then to 15, from 15 to 22, and from 22 in let's say the case of this particular beam rifle will reach it's max on the next increase up to 33 points of damage. The beam intensity is what dictates how quickly this rises so let's say each burn intensity increase happens at 1 second, in 5 seconds you have dealt 82 points of damage and to stop firing at this point deal 41 points of burn damage the first second after 20 the next and 10 the one after. In the matter of 8 seconds you dealt ~150 points of damage. (Notice that I give more information on how the gun deals damage than the actual guns you use, which have been confirmed to have type specific values.) I think next would be range, this would work differently. With range instead of doing less damage you would just be unable to deal damage at all. Essentially the beam would have a stop point where it no longer exists. This gun should be used for short to mid range only (longer than a shotgun shorter than a fusion) Instead of stability you have beam focus. Beam Focus works like this Wide-----------------------------narrow The smaller the bar the more narrow your beam will be. A common set up would be high intensity average burn short range. Having a wide focus allows multiple enemies to be hit at once, but also makes them need to be close to do so. The last is reload. Use your imagination. What does everyone think?



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