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Indonesia is being ignored

Dear Bungie It appears that the dedicated servers to indonesia is being neglected or ignored. I have come to this conclusion through a number of facts and these are: 1. I have the best and most stable internet provider that indonesia has to offer First Media (Fast Net(Package)). 2. I've had an It specialist come to my house to inspect the cause of this issues and he said that there is no problem from the modem/internet providers side for the modem has no blocks to prevent connection of player xbox to another player's xbox, and there is no internet loss from the modem thus a stable connection. 3. I'm not able to play a any competitive multiplayer, and almost never can connect to the tower unless I get a server with no players on it apart from myself. If a player joins while I'm in said server, I will be kicked out immediately. Only after a high amount of tries do I get to find a server with no one on it and even then is no guarantee I will have enough time to do what i need to do. 4. I am able to play competitive/noncompetitive multiplayer on other games such as, Halo MC, Halo 5G Beta, ACU, Warframe, Minecraft and so on. 5. My Xbox is no more than 2 meters away from the modem. So what am I to do, even the IT specialist says its not the internet providers fault and that its most likely from the server provider. Bungie, have you even started anything on improving the servers to indonesia?
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