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11/22/2014 6:13:35 AM

Listen to your elder! or not.

Yes, I hear you wise one.


No, I don't like sunshine or rainbows


Yes, but step your game up Bungie


I agree with you Snoopy, I like the words you type


What is the Screw ?


Who is Soffish? and where is he?


I said I traded the game in, don't worry about those 500 hours of game time.


If you are reading this, you are my friend. So please add me on #xboxone GT Snoooooooopy Snoopy with 8 o's Hello, I am what they may call an ancient, even though I feel so grizzled. I remember the new Hawtness, The Screw , Soffish and many more things of past lives. Check me down. Click. I have years in this septagon we call a community. Cross reference my gamer tag to waypoint. Still look ok? Ready to listen? You don't have too. I am just a person like you. Maybe American, maybe not. So gather round and lets go. Do you remember Halo 2? In all its glory? I mean glitched out non stop patched glory? Remember stand by? Remember modding? Remember halo 3? Remember the original melee stats ? Remember the spawn camping ? Remember playing 2 vs 6? Remember all the patches ? Remember ODST? Do you remember how game was day 1 compared to day 100? Remember Reach ? Remember armor lock? Multiple patches ? If you remember, not one of Bungies games have been perfect from the get go. They tweaked, they refined, they listened, they patched, they streamlined. Is Destiny not better now than on day 1 ? All those games I talked about took months and months of reworking and refining to get proper. EX; Halo 2 Battle Rifle. Claimed to be one of the best MP weapons ever. It is,but it had to work for it. It got buffed, tweaked and refined to what we know today. Think about Destiny's scale. Full on Multiplayer Arena Combat Amazing MP map design ( most overlooked thing in Destiny) Coop Story("") Coop campaign modes ( strikes, patrols, weeklies, raids, night falls) Multiple planets to patrol (realms) Amazingly challenging leveling system Factions Events( iron banner , queens wrath) So for me, basically two separate games intertwined (MP, SP) and then incorporated into a larger scale world that is updated, patched, tweaked and refined. The game has been only 3 MONTHS!?!?! We are so engrossed with the details of Destiny that we forget. Does Bungie listen ? Mostly Does Bungie update Destiny constantly over multiple platforms ? Yes, regularly. Does Bungie take direct feedback from us ? Yes, we are the lifeblood of the game. Is DLC only two weeks away ? Yes Is Snoopy a Bungie fanboy? Of course. Will Destiny Stop getting better ? No, Bungie believes in progress , not regress or stagnated states. Is Bungie Making Destiny 2 right now? Yes. ( They better be, get to work Bungie) Does ANY other game have Destiny's style of support and development and pure awesomeness? Warcraft? Minecraft? Maybeeeee COD? We are in the Golden Age of Gaming. Enjoy it, don't destroy it.



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