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10/24/2014 1:13:25 PM

Experience upscale?

Why wouldn't Bungie upscale the experience for low lvl characters playing on hard? I'm currently leveling up a hunter who is a lvl 12 and playing the first mission on mars where everything is lvl 15. Why the hell am I only getting 25 exp per kill? If everything is "very hard" I should be raking in the exp playing these missions solo. I still get 25 exp for killing stuff on earth... I personally like this game a lot but have been reading a lot of articles written by true RPG gamers bashing Destiny. You guys at bungie gotta step your game up if you want to appeal to more players. P.S. Add a freakin contact in your support! this shouldnt have to be on a forum. The lack of support makes it feel like you don't appreciate the player. WTF?



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