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9/25/2014 10:37:11 PM

Would you like some French cries with that

I have no complaints with Destiny I think Bungie did a great job and are continuing to do so. There are some things i personally would like to see changes in the game and so far Bungie is delivering. The one thing I will complain about is the amount of people using this forum to talk trash on a great game and company, I understand I'm doing the same right now but come on guys and gals yall cry and cry about the cave, shotguns, ECT and when Bungie listens and makes the necessary changes y'all complain about the changes lol it's ridiculous. The game has been out 2 weeks now of course it's goin to have some things that need to be addressed. do none of you remember Battle Field 4 lol I went a month with out sound after the 1st update. Last point Bungie needs complaints so plz those of you making valid points and are wanting to get heard then keep up the good work just try not to throw this game and its creators through the mud, now those of you who just out right suck plz take the game back and get your refund, this game and community doesn't need you -KCCO
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