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2/17/2014 11:36:02 PM

Why is Agnosticism Considered "Cowardly"?

I was thinking about this. And I'm not asking for a set, well, set of answers. This is all opinionated, of course, and if you have anything to contribute, regardless of religious or irreligious standpoint, please, feel free to voice it. Why is Agnosticism considered to be the cowardly choice, though? I feel as if, if anything, it's the embrace of the unknown. In fact, that's one of the main definitions: the acceptance of the unknown. I think, personally, that the dissension from dogma leads to a slew of open-minded, unbiased questions. So many people (not to generalize) view agnostics as "half-assed" Atheists, and I know many religious people who consider Agnostics as simply on the path to Atheism (again, not generalizing, I'm not saying every religious person believes this). But isn't it just as far away from Atheism as it is from any religion? Isn't that the point? The willingness to believe that anything could be possible in this infinite universe? There's my two cents, what do you all think?



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