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Why 'The Dark Knight Rises' Was Actually an Okay Movie

Alright Flood. Let's get down to business with this thread. There's a lot of hate for "The Dark Knight Rises", and it seems justifiable. The bad voice of Bane, the one too many plot holes, the convoluted story...I get it. But there's a certain limit to how far they hate can go before you just have to stop and think, "Was it really THAT bad?" Here are my points on why TDKR was actually, well, an okay movie. 1.) Movie Plot Holes exist in...every major movie, ever. There are websites devoted entirely to calling out major movies and their problems. They have the ability to ruin the movie for you after reading them. Here's a few examples: "Iron Man 3: wouldn't the suit that Pepper Potts goes into crush her body, since it's tailored to Stark's body? Thor 2: why don't they just, like use long ranged weapons, rather than fighting laser guns with swords?" But that's something people need to understand: every movie has flaws. There's always going to be something that requires the suspension of disbelief, because it's a story. That's how it works. People accept glitches with games, the same can work for movies. The simple fact of the matter is people like to harp on things. But, it may be possible that everyone flocked to TDKR like moths to the shining light of criticism more so than usual because... 2.) The Dark Knight set insanely high standards. I know I just said that every movie has glitches...but goddamn, if you had to choose one that was the least buggy so to speak, The Dark Knight would be up there. (Although there are still some major ones. Look them up if you want to) Is that a movie or what? The contrast of justice and insanity, order and chaos, rounded up with some insanely well, insane acting, and you have a superhero masterpiece in your hands. The Dark a Knight is still held in regard by many as simply the best superhero movie out there, capturing the spirits and characters of the comics. How could any movie top that, let alone a sequel? Simple answer: it cannot. But people still expected it to, considering the director's pedigree past. And there actually would have been a huge chance he could have made the ultimate swan song, if it were not for the fact that... 3.) The Main Villain Died (outside of the movie). Heath Ledger's death was heart-wrenching. The role that would become his most famous, The Joker, became his last, and all too soon. Not only did he die, however, but the true ending to "The Dark Knight" trilogy died as well. The third movie was going to have The Joker in it, wrapping up the elements in the first movie with the second, and making a truly complete finale. Of course, that's kind of hard without the key component, the villain. Nolan had to have the entire script rebuilt from the ground up, adding a new villain that admittedly felt out of place and not fitting. But that's because Bane was never supposed to was supposed to be The Joker all along. And for having to use a "Plan B" script, Nolan and his crew did pretty well. So...cut him and the movie itself some slack, you know? TLDR: TDKR wasn't as bad as you probably think it was. What do you think about it?



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