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由Bolt編輯: 6/25/2013 4:26:17 AM

The next forum sensation will start with "Camo"

It's becoming clear to me now that we're following a pattern. A week ago, we had the night of Camm. If you weren't there, there were Camm threads as far as the eye could see, so much that religious and political threads were nowhere to be seen. Now I wouldn't have paid any mind to this (Camm easily warrants the attention), except that next we focused on that troglodyte Camnator. It didn't make sense. Until I saw this. Cam[b]m[/b] Cam[b]n[/b]ator abcdefghijkl[b]mn[/b]opqrstuvwxyz As I'm sure you agree, the only reasonable explanation for Camnator's popularity is that we're choosing our sensations alphabetically. As should be obvious, the next in the line of succession will be someone who's name starts with "camo." Could it be you? Thanks to the magic of alts, anything is possible.



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