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7/20/2013 6:47:16 PM

Petition to EU against mass surveillance

[quote][b]EU Parliament and EU Commission: Stop mass surveillance, protect our data and our whistleblowers![/b] We, the citizens, are aware that we are now the targets of mass surveillance. Our fundamental rights are being violated. We demand that a Committee of Investigation is created by the European Parliament to provide information on recent scandals surrounding the mass surveillance of EU citizens. We demand a prohibition on the transfer of user data from EU citizens to foreign intelligence services. This prohibition should also apply to the wholesale spying on citizens of member states by other member states. We demand that the EU initiate an international agreement on surveillance disarmament as well as legal protection to whistleblowers across Europe. This will ensure that future violations of fundamental rights can be brought to light and treated correctly in the future. The whole petition / letter: [spoiler]Recipient: Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament José Manuel Durão Barroso, President of the European Commission [b]Stop mass surveillance, protect our data and our whistleblowers![/b] We, the citizens, are concerned because we see that our fundamental rights have been violated. We do not wish to live in a culture of mass surveillance in which we are all placed under general suspicion. We demand that the following requests are taken seriously to initiate a change for the future direction of Europe and the World: 1. Create Transparency: We ask the EU Parliament to establish a Committee of Investigation to elucidate the extent and degree to which European citizens have become the victims of mass surveillance by programs such as PRISM and TEMPORA. The committee should clarify who had knowledge of these programs, and to what extent the rights of EU citizens have been violated. 2. Strengthen Data Protection: The new General Data Protection Regulation must include a prohibition on data transfers to foreign intelligence services and of the mass surveillance by member states on each other. Data protection must ensure citizens have the right to determine how their data is used. We demand the strengthening of European data protection laws. 3. Ban Mass Surveillance Programs: We believe, that without concrete suspicion and without a court order, nobody should be placed under surveillance and hence placed in a condition of general suspicion. We therefore demand a prohibition of mass public surveillance programs within the EU. 4. Disarm Mass Surveillance Internationally: We ask the EU Parliament and the EU Commission to initiate an international agreement to reduce mass surveillance worldwide. 5. Protect Whistleblowers: We ask the EU to create a legal framework allowing political asylum and legal protection for whistleblowers within Europe. Whistleblowers - like Edward Snowden who enlighted us about mass surveillance by the American and the British secret services - are an important mechanism to correct undesirable developments in a democracy, and should be protected from criminal persecution. with best regards [/spoiler] [/quote]



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