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2/15/2013 12:51:53 AM

Spending the day in my bed sobbing and eating chocolate

Today was complete shit. Not because of anything to do with Valentines day (that probably made it slightly less shitty), but because of something you don't care about and will probably not share sympathy for. A select few of in my school was given this "prestigious honor" to apply to the National Honor Society (the one that's not a scam). I spent a lot of time on the application and filled every part to prove myself in each of the four main categories (leadership, and 3 other shit qualities I can't -blam!-ing remember). It took a while to get all the volunteer service signatures recollected, but I was able to do it. I was thinking I was guaranteed to be accepted because I had done a lot of high end programs in the school and I had known the teacher in charge of application for a few years. Moving on, I was the only one of the twenty people who applied who didn't get it. It was because of some stupid nitpicked little thing that I hadn't applied any of my skills into "the larger community" (I had shit tons of in school activities, but none non-school affiliated). I'm thinking the school would have gotten in trouble or looked at suspiciously if they accepted everyone who applied, so decided to choose me because they're shit heads, and so they thought of some bull shit reason to pick me out of the club. Thank you for reading this shitty thread this far. And on a note, I'm not actually crying in my bed eating chocolate because I'm forever alone. However I did reimburse my revenge, not on the school/shit teacher in charge of the application, but with a Valentines day prank on my friend. My friend was given a bouquet of flowers from this one girl with a crush on him, but he was trying to down play the whole thing because he wasn't interested for whatever reason. So I ordered through the school Valentines day shop and delivery service and ordered an anonymous bouquet of flowers to be delivered to her so she'd think she was getting a return gift from my friend that she likes. Anyways she blushed and smiled and now my friend will have to avoid her for the rest of the school year. Happy Valentines Day!! /end of shit thread no one will read anyways



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