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Incredible animated short - Paperman

I stumbled upon this short earlier and was not only impressed by the clean directing, but also with the animation, which is what I'd like to discuss. According to the [url=]behind the scenes feature seen here,[/url] this is a rising technique of animation where 2D art is 'mapped' or 'composited' (not textured) over the 3D models. The program developed for the short above allows you to draw in 2D planes and it's recognized and rendered in 3D space on top of that. I believe Tangled used something similar to this to create its 'painting' look, and you may also recognize a small similarity to that of the Borderlands games. What is your opinion of this style? Do you think it has the potential to revive traditional 2D animation, or do you see it as just a gimmick?



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