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6/16/2024 12:49:22 AM

Marmot Errors

I get Marmot error coded every time I enter a new area. After crashing and restarting I'm generally allowed into the area that crashed me but other times I get Marmoted every time I try to enter some areas. It ruined exploring the traversal areas during the Day 1 raid of Salvation's End. It kinda just ruins the flow of gameplay that I have every time it happens. Right now I'm getting errored out of Onslaught, so I'm unable to get my pinnacle from that, I guess. I have already: Verified files Reinstalled Checked disk Reseated RAM Downclocked RAM to base speeds The help article for Marmot errors is not helpful any longer, and the reddit threads reporting it's a memory stick I'm unsure of. My RAM is fine, as I don't have trouble with any other games, even while overclocked. Any insight or help would be appreciated, as I haven't even gotten a response on my previous post asking about the same thing.



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