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6/11/2024 4:05:17 PM

ALFA is looking for new members to join their family of guardians

The Final Shape is here, and we need your help more than ever. All Light Fades Away is a teaching clan dedicated to guiding Guardians of all levels through Destiny 2's challenges. We are international based and have members from various time zones. What We Offer: *Welcoming and inclusive environment for all players, new or veteran. *Patient instructors ready to walk you through raids, dungeons, and more. Come conquer raids, master dungeons, or simply enjoy the camaraderie of fireteams – no matter your experience level with us. *Active Discord server for communication, raid planning, and good times. Enrollment Requirements: *Discord activity is mandatory for clan communication and raid coordination. *Regularly inactive members will be removed after a to keep the clan active. Ready to join the All Light Fades Away? *Hit the link below to begin your Guardian journey!



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