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6/6/2024 4:03:57 PM

Stuck in the Pale Heart without a clan? ALFA has your back!!

***Calling all Guardians: The Final Shape is finally here!!!*** Tired of facing the Darkness alone? All Light Fades Away is a teaching clan dedicated to guiding Guardians of all levels through Destiny 2's challenges. The Final Shape is upon us, and the Traveler needs every Guardian. Will you answer the call? What We Offer: *Conquer raids, master dungeons, or simply enjoy the camaraderie of fireteams – no matter your experience level. * Patient instructors ready to walk you through raids, dungeons, and more. *Welcoming and inclusive environment for all players, new or veteran. * Active Discord server for communication, raid planning, and good times. ***Enrollment Requirements: * Discord activity is mandatory for clan communication and raid coordination. *** Regularly inactive members will be removed to keep the clan active.** Ready to join the All Light Fades Away? Hit the link below to begin your Guardian journey! Together, we face the Final Shape



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