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6/4/2024 6:17:51 PM


[b][url=]PROJECTWARFARE.COM[/url] -- [url=]Discord[/url] -- [url=]Community Page[/url][/b] [b][u]...OUR MISSION[/u][/b] [i]We strive to bring an [u]Active, Toxic Free, Mature[/u] community for those who enjoy all things gaming and company.[/i] [b][u]...EXPECTATION[/u][/b] [i]At ProjectWarfare, all we expect from you is to be [b]ACTIVE[/b]. What does that mean?! It's as simple as joining our discord server and hopping into a channel. [b]THAT'S...IT![/b] We want you to enjoy being part of our ever growing community of gamers and friends that stick around for years to come. Help bring more users into your little place called [b]Home[/b] on the internet[/i] [b][u]...PERKS[/u][/b] What could possibly set us apart from other clans/Communities!?! [b]- Discord Server[/b] [i]Custom made bots for everyone to use and abuse Roles specific to certain games for easy navigation Developer Forum feeds directly to our discord for quick game update notifications Fun game & Music bots for passing time [/i][b]- Website[/b] [i]Easy, simple, it's[/i] [b]- Community[/b] [i]community nights (Incudes drinking game nights) Game nights Movie nights GIVEAWAYS (games, merch, gift cards) member recognition (members of the month & lead positions) Game hoppers for life[/i] [b][u]...CLOSING[/u][/b] We aren't looking for the best. We learn and grow together as a community no matter the game. Come on over, check us out, and see for yourself. Become a member and enjoy our great community! [b]Enjoy, ProjectWarfare Leads & Staff[/b]



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