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5/23/2024 7:16:29 AM

At least give the people self-res!! Wtf Bungie???

So you completely and totally neuter well of radiance except for that small buff that basically gives you a get out of jail free card if you’re one shot. It’s like self-res, but you have to proc it right before you die. If you’re gonna make well of radiance useless, at least give PVE warlocks self res. You could come back to life with a useless rift basically I guess is what I’m saying. Yay Bungie.. I haven’t played in over a month by the way after playing for almost 10 years straight. Very liberating feeling. I have no intentions of buying the final shape nonsense. Unless the final shape goes on sale really cheap in the future or is on game pass I’ll never play it. Oh yeah, yeah I’m a hunter main technically as well, so this isn’t a rage thing about Warlocks. I’ve played all three classes and favorited different ones throughout the years. For example, there was like two straight years in destiny one world I was a titan bubble main. Helm of st.14. Great times. Oh well. Sad face emoji. Bungie, you sold the F out big-time. What a damn shame.



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