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5/9/2024 12:52:34 PM

[EU] Friendly, Active Clan Looking for New Members of All Skill Levels

We are The Juicebox! A friendly, open-minded community welcome to players of all skill levels and experience. The clan focuses on PvE content. We love giving new players and people who may not have had the chance to learn raids a shot at them. We also love to tackle some of the hardest content the game has to offer, with multiple contest clears for several of our players. When joining our community you can expect: • Regular organised raid content – including older raids • A close-knit and welcoming group of players • A zero-tolerance policy towards hate-speech and the like • A thriving LGBTQI+ community • A well organised Discord server, consistently active since 2018 • Contest mode team(s) for the new raid coming in The Final Shape Our core community is small, but close – a group of friends more than a large clan. We’re looking to add to that with anyone who is looking for the same. We aren’t limited to Destiny, and we regularly play all sorts of other titles together. We are primarily an EU group, and our playtimes reflect this, but we have plenty of friends from other continents! If we sound like what you’ve been looking for, join the Discord today and say hello! Looking forward to meeting you, The Juicebox



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