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4/25/2024 5:44:29 PM

Please consider removing champions from Onslaught

Please hear me out Bungie. Champions aren't even the most difficult part of Onslaught. You've done a good job with this content and I want to start by saying thanks for that. IT ha something for everyone and allows us the make more and interesting builds which is what this game is all about. Champions however.... are a direct violation of this. I feel like Onslaught is a playground where anything goes in terms of builds. When I'm crafting a new build I find myself enjoying the possibilities when it comes to the armor, but once i get to the weapons, It becomes a literal chore when my excitement and eagerness deflate to almost nothing because I cant use whatever weapons I want, but whatever meta is laid out by your restricted anti-champion system. I've tried to build less restrictive in hopes of trusting my random fireteam will have the one champion counter not included in my build, and its painful how often thats not the case. Here's the kicker: Champions aren't even the difficult part of Onslaught! I think almost anyone can agree who have ran it that the demolitionist waves and tormentor waves are the true monsters. Champions are actually easier than some of the regular elites as long as the counters are included in the builds. There is only 1 champion per wave and I really don't want to build for 1 mob out of an entire battalion... Having to make builds that accommodate such a light amount of champions that aren't even the hardest content is just forcing unnecessary build restrictions on your players at this point. Please leave champions for your NF and master raid/dungeon content and let us enjoy some unrestricted gameplay that instead is only influenced by the weekly overcharged weapons (that don't seem to correlate with almost any anti-champion weaponry might i add)



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