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4/24/2024 1:32:23 AM

(Open to all 18+) Join Synergy today

Synergy is a small but tight knit community of friends who found each other through Destiny, and we are currently looking for new people to join us on the road to Final Shape. We like to participate in all of the activities that Destiny has to offer, from helping Guardians through raids, assisting with getting dungeon exotics, to even dabbling in a little crucible/trials from now and then. We use the discord destiny bot Charlemagne to help set up posts to help coordinate our raids, the discord is also a great place to chat or to ask for assistance from experienced guardians. As the founder of Synergy I love helping guardians who are in the pursuit of learning raids. If you are tired of finding yourself as just another cog in a thousand member discord server, unable to truly make connections and unbreakable bonds, Synergy may be a perfect opportunity for you. Prime Synergy game time is 7PM CST or 8PM EST, if this lines up with your standard gaming time then you are in for a world of raiding :) If you feel Synergy might be a place for you please leave a comment on this post, otherwise see you starside



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