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4/18/2024 12:11:10 PM

Auto Hot Key

HI. I have been using the Autohotkey program for years for the convenience of using the Windows system (switching application previews and changing desktops using the side mouse button), sometimes also in programs such as Visual Studio Code. [b]Will I risk getting banned if I have it on while playing Destiny?[/b] I also have a few questions about its possible use in Destiny, not that I need it personally, but I have seen examples of use such as the macro for shatter skating, the consistent Graple + Lumina trick or the funniest one - quickly entering a password at Riven's wish using a beam rifle. Do the above-mentioned examples constitute a risk of a ban? I'm not talking about anything like some automated scripts to avoid afk penalty or this type of cheating. We are impatiently waiting for the answer (me and my entire clan and other friends). What we care most about is an answer or confirmation from someone from Bungie. Regards



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