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4/15/2024 4:54:30 PM

Global United Forces - (All platforms/regions) (18+)

Greetings Guardians! Tired of LFGing with groups you’ll never see again? Maybe you’re a newcomer or someone returning to the game looking for the right clan to help you grind out some gear? Or perhaps you’re a more seasoned player simply looking to flesh out your in-game friends list? If so, look no further; GUF is a community where every member and interaction matters, and we've recently taken the initiative into expanding our D2 side. Why join us? - EVERY ACTION COUNTS: Activity on our server is rewarded via an XP and rank system, allowing each member to be recognized for their contributions. - SENSE OF BELONGING: We have a healthy mix of players who have different levels of experience with Destiny 2. Our players are more than happy to offer tips, tricks, and backup in order to help you reach your fullest potential. - ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY: GUF places a heavy emphasis on maintaining a chill, open and safe environment for its members. Our server is strictly moderated, and we are swift to deal with any toxicity or drama that may arise. - CLAN EVENTS: We host events regularly on our server, with our weekly Clan Raid Night being a prominent feature – it’s a great opportunity to learn the raid, make some new friends and share hilarious moments with other clanmates. - BEYOND D2: Our server hosts more than just Destiny 2 players! We host communities from other popular titles such as Call of Duty, Battlefield and Helldivers 2 as well, offering you the opportunity to team up with players from a larger and more diverse player base! - + Much more!



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