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4/9/2024 5:32:12 PM

[18+ UK/EU/NA] Recruiting Guardians for ITL/TFS!

FORBY LOVERS are an endgame PVE clan formed by friends interested in running endgame content like raids (lowmans, speedruns, contests, titles) grandmaster nightfalls and other PVE content at their own pace. We have remodelled our requirements to join and now are open to all players of varying skill level, who would like to get involved with endgame PVE content. [quote][b]WHAT WE OFFER[/b][/quote] • A small community created by players who run endgame content. • An organised Discord server dedicated to a social hub with forum, text and voice channels to socialise and share all types of content within the game and dedicated channels to other games. • Play at your own pace. **No activity requirements required to stay in the clan.** [quote][b]REQUIREMENTS[/b][/quote] • [b]Endgame PVE enthusiasm:[/b] we want our players to be actively running endgame PVE content - this includes but are not limited to:- raids, dungeons, nightfalls, seasonal/episodic and story content. We don't mind what skill level you're at, what experience you have, just engaging with PVE content is enough. • [b]Clan engagement: [/b]We want members who are going to get involved with our community first before going to LFG outside of us. We don't expect you to only exclusively play with us but we just want a clan where we will play and get to know one another. [quote][b]HOW TO JOIN?[/b][/quote] • Send a request to our clan through Bungie: • Wait for admin to message Discord link



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