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由Ferus Lux編輯: 4/13/2024 3:21:12 PM

Champions are piss easy to deal with, so why do we need them?

They're just gating the loadouts I want to use in Onslaught to have fun. They're not even challenging. They add nothing meaningful. You can literally pull up your inventory the moment you see one, switch to a handcannon, sidearm, or auto/pulse, stun them, and then 1-2 shot them with a shotgun or rocket. Its just an annoyance. You know what types of enemies ARE a threat and have built in resistances on certain body parts and defensive abilities? Tormentors. Wyverns. Lucent Hive. These are dangerous -blam!-'s that don't stop me from being able to damage them meaningfully without mods. The threats in Onsalught for example aren't even the champions lol WE. DO NOT. NEED. CHAMPIONS. Even the sound effect when you stun is so silly and arcade-y. They're just...out of place. Look for combat complexity in other ways please. This isn't Doom Eternal where you have like 9 weapons at once. It's a looter shooter. Other than that, I love Onslaught. Best non Dungeon activity in the game.



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