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4/13/2024 12:11:25 AM

Ascend Into the Light with AOTB

[b] We are Into the Light with The Final Shape in Sight.[/b] As the new content is underway and the next DLC right around the corner, NOW is the perfect time to find like-minded guardians dealing out the damage in the name of the Vanguard. [b]Who is the AOTB?[/b] [i]Accusers of the Brëthrën[/i] is an amazing community that is here to support fellow guardians in any aspect of their journey. Whether you are brand new to the game or have been playing since D1 this can be your home. [url][/url] [b]What activities we offer?[/b] - Active PvP and PvE LFG channels - A sherpa system like no other for all your learning experiences - Active in game clans to join - Guardians across all time zones and all gaming systems - Monthly in game challenges to show off your skills - Dedicated channels to engage with community about other things outside Destiny [b]What do you need to do to join?[/b] - Follow this link and join our Discord Server -> [url][/url] - Once you are in, register with Charlemagne and acknowledge the servers rules - A mod in the server will make sure you are good to go and you will be released into the community [b]Any questions?[/b] If there is anything you need simply ask below or send a DM to [i]superflyer007[/i] on discord. [b]Whether we wanted it or not, we've stepped into a war with.....EVERYONE[/b]



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