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4/1/2024 5:46:53 PM

In-Game Fireteam Finder Issues

Not sure if there is an aggregate anywhere, but this fireteam finder (FF) is NOT a replacement for legacy companion due to one or more of the following issues: - Stale Fireteams: I can't say how many of these I've joined to see the host NEVER invite a full ready team. People leave group, new people join, many people are fooled. Why is there not a better timeout? I see some of these listings present for 1+ hours at least that have clearly never deployed, or already deployed, completed the mission, then went afk. - Irrelevant notifications: I build a fireteam with the new finder, invite group and we join a game. Sometimes 1 person quits and a friend joins. I get Fireteam Finder notifications that people are joining and leaving while in-game. This possibly attributes to some of the issues in the note above. When the fireteam is gathered and goes to the mission, maybe the fireteam finder should retire the group listing. - Accessibility: I create a group, people join, and I have to click, like, 30 buttons before I can look at my group and invite them. Ditto for if someone leaves and I have to re-invite. There should be an easier button to access the FF. - Takes priority in app: This FF is too early and crappy. Legacy should be the default view until issues are sorted. - Viewability - All: Some people like to see All new listings to catch what piques their interest. This should be an option in new FF Other than some of the issues above, sometimes it is convenient to have FF in game, other times it wastes more time than it could have solved.



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