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3/9/2024 6:04:27 PM

THΞ CHΛΘS STRΛTΞGY [ΚⱭΟS] looking for new members! [Casual] [Cross-Platform] [Worldwide] [18+] [New Player Friendly]

[b]THE CHAOS STRATEGY, Because Planning Is For Ahamkaras! [/b] [url=] Join Here! [/url] Struggling with attention span? Here's the TL;DR : [b]--WHAT WE OFFER?-- [/b] ➢ [b][u]Friendly and supportive community[/u][/b] with both new and experienced people, with playtime stretching all the way from the launch of D1 to present day! ➢ [b][u]Vault management solutions[/u][/b] and guidance for creating and maintaining a functional arsenal! ➢ [u][b]Guidance for[/b][/u] every raid, every dungeon, every Nightfall and other [b][u]endgame activities[/u][/b]! ➢ [u][b]Support and company for our fledgling Guardians[/b][/u] to help get them to endgame! We do, honestly, love teaching! ➢ [b][u]Build suggestions, discussions and assistance[/u][/b]! Buildcrafting in this game is well worth considering! ➢ [b][u]Discord server[/u][/b] for keeping up with the ebb and flow of the shittest of memes ➢ And, of course, a bunch of chill and skilled people to do content with! [b]--WHAT WE DON'T OFFER?--[/b] ➢ A massive group of players to get your voice drowned out by ➢ We're currently not running events outside of Destiny. This is subject to change, but we are currently focused on growing our numbers first and foremost! ➢ A place for people to boast or flex their speedrun/lowman/total raid clear rankings, nor are we impressed with anyone's ability to skate across jumping puzzles in .5 seconds when we are doing chill runs in group content [b]--WHO ARE WE?--[/b] Hello, Guardian, and welcome to our humble abode! We are a small group of enthusiastic and goal driven players from all walks of life and playstyles. Some of us love a challenge, some of us prefer a chill time in good company, but all of us long for that family-esque community feel. We are not huge by any means, and we're never aiming to become that. Quality over quantity has been our clan management ideology in every game we've played and ran clans in. That said, we would love to welcome a handful of new people to bolster our ranks with! We are all adults and we're only looking for adults. Not to discriminate against our younger Guardians, but we expect a level of maturity and skin from all our members! We expect people to be polite and conduct themselves in a way that is respectful and amicable. [b]However, be warned; we are not for the most sensitive people out there[/b]. We are never out to hurt anyone deliberately, but if you express controversial views, expect controversial discussions. This is not a "safe space", it's a space to grow! (: We're also multinational! Some of us are from Finland, some are from the US, and we even have our quota kiwi! All that is to say we welcome people from all over the world! (: Our most active hours do tend to lean towards EU evenings to US East Coast evenings. [b]--WHAT WE EXPECT FROM YOU?--[/b] ➢ [b][u]18 years of age[/u][/b], we're looking for mature people ➢ [u][b]Joining [url=] our Discord [/url] is required[/b][/u], as we're from all platforms and we don't do any of that no mic raid nonsense.. Besides, chatting is great for getting to know each other! ➢ [b][u]Be respectful and resolve issues amicably[/u][/b], or moderation will step in (we really rather not) If you have any questions, please feel free to send a message either here or ask via Discord DM: [b]Omgbbqkittens[/b]



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