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3/13/2024 4:47:15 AM

[BUG] We've had the same daily Rocket Launcher bounty for 18 straight weeks, 21 out of 23 weeks.

This must be a bug. We've had the same daily rocket launcher bounty from the Gunsmith for the 18th consecutive week. We've had the same daily bounty 21 weeks out of the last 23 weeks. I understand that the bounties are picked once a week (curated manually or picked randomly?). They refresh each week and new selection of daily bounties become available. But 21 weeks of doing the exact same bounty is super boring, when bounties are already boring to start with. We've had the same daily bounty since before Thanksgiving last year! Because you get like 8 rounds in a rocket, I'm basically forced to use Eye of Tomorrow. It's difficult to get 20+ kills for the bounty with only 8 rockets using regular RLs, Gjally does it, Wardcliff does it, but EoT is the most consistent because it doesn't rely on the enemies to be grouped together. Please give us other daily bounties like heavy GL, Machine Guns, Sword, Linears - any other power weapon besides RLs.



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