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2/2/2024 10:04:52 PM

(All Platforms) Secrets of Shadow looking for dedicated members

Secrets of Shadow is part of a much wider community (Secrets of the Void) where we take pride in building a great Destiny community where you can make lasting friendships while also completing content in Destiny. We offer clans for people to join with absolutely no pressure to join a clan. [b]must be 17+ and have Lightfall dlc[/b] [u][b]What we offer[/b][/u] - Organized discord to have fun conversations and clan events (Guests are welcome) - Scheduled events, teaching runs with dedicated sherpas - Dungeon farms and Grandmaster sherpas throughout the clan - A Positive, helpful Community looking to help you grow as a player - Respectful clanmates regardless of background/platform and guides for new players [b][u]Requirements[/u][/b] [b]Be Social[/b] - A community that doesn’t communicate is just a silent union. Expect to make good friends, have interesting conversations and feel like you’re a part of something.(Discord is required) [b]Be Active[/b] - We are a Mix of Eastern, Pacific and Central Timezones. 12pm-9pm is where you’ll find most of the clanmates online. Whether you play early in the morning or late at night there’s always someone to play with. UK players are welcome! [b]Have Fun[/b] - We are not diehard raiders or elite crucible sweats. However we are skilled in getting those activities done and we have fun in the process. [u][b]How To Join[/b][/u] If you can follow those rules then please 1)Upvote this post 2)Comment that you’re interested 3)Expect a dm from us on the destiny app. The Void is infinite. Opportunities are endless.



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