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2/3/2024 6:33:12 PM

⚔️[RA1D] • (18+) Chill Gamers • 11 Clans • All Platforms

[b]Are you looking for a free community where your voice can have an influence on the direction and growth of the server? If yes, this community is for you![/b] ••» You don’t have to spend this long season alone! «•• [url][/url] [quote][b]WHY JOIN RA1D?[/b][/quote] [b]We have:[/b] [b]•[/b] No experience level requirements [b]•[/b] Bots that support the server and the games we have in it [b]•[/b] Members spanning across the US, UK, and beyond [b]•[/b] 11 Destiny 2 clans [b]•[/b] Other popular games such as Warframe, Diablo IV, etc. [b]•[/b] Opportunities to bring new games into the server [b]•[/b] The option to join a clan, or just hang out in RA1D and make friends [b]•[/b] Many channels with a variety of topics that are gaming and non-gaming related [b]•[/b] Opportunities to be more involved in the community (Community Team, Content Creators, ect) [b]•[/b] A spiffy LFG System [b]•[/b] Community Events, Contest, Prizes, and Giveaways [b]•[/b] Community Polls [quote][b]HOW TO JOIN[/b][/quote] Does all of this sound too good to be true? Don't worry, it's not! You can easily be a part of everything said above by following these steps: [b]1.[/b] Upvote this post to keep it popping along the forums (it helps, truly!) [b]2.[/b] Join our Discord! [url][/url] and follow the joining steps; if you get confused at all just ping anyone with an bright orange name and they'll be along to help! [quote][b]ARE YOU A CLAN LEADER?[/b][/quote] Interested in bringing your active/established clan into the RA1D community? We are open to clan mergers! Simply pop into the server and we can start a discussion about it.



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