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由Lord Magris編輯: 12/29/2023 2:43:17 AM

Remove Citadel From Rumble, it Doesn't Work for that Mode (also **** your matchmaking as usual)

Rumble in Citadel just becomes constant spawn traps. There is no enjoyment to not being able to navigate to another part of the map without getting spawn killed. Also **** your matchmaking. I know I said it in the title and I'll say it again. The moment I get a few strangely easy wins in Rumble, now all of my opponents either feed off of someone else repeatedly or they have ridiculous headshot accuracy, like report-worthy headshot accuracy. Even if I start shooting a guy that isn't even looking at me with an SMG landing all of my shots in a mix of body and head hits, they just turn around and beam me like they were looking at me the whole time and it becomes an unbelievable trade. Your matchmaking system is still garbage, unfortunately. Whatever calculations you're trying to use for matching players needs completely scrapped. Your game does not know what it's like to be holding a controller or using m&k, it doesn't do it. It just doesn't know. Honestly, Unending Tempest and Immortal still need tuned badly regardless if it's that easy for a m&k player to STILL snipe with them regardless of the stability nerfs. The stability nerf seemed to mostly just have an effect on controller users. Not all SMGs, even Precision Frame or Aggressive Frame, tend to get that ridiculous, but these outliers need tuned down badly or you're never going to keep new players. It is toxic. You get toxic feedback from toxic gameplay. That's why the forums are the way they are... besides the other issues. EDIT: And I don't care. Downvote the post. The truth hurts.



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