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12/27/2023 11:10:18 PM

Is there any way to make a Trials and Competitive Playlist One on One Solo battle?

So I have a video on the frustration of this matter but, this is technically a question and suggestion. Is there any way to stop having teams for the time in between Lightfall and The Final Shape for Competitive Crucible and Trials of Osiris? I get this may sound like a stupid question but even if I ask for a team to play the team part, they never live up to that name of being a "team player." I can't even trust them to clutch a win anymore; especially when me and the other teammates have been downed in a Competitive or Trials match. I hope you understand the frustration of teams, for those who like teams; good stay positive about them for me and the solo players, I know you Solo players understand this entire suggestion is a legit issue that cannot be ignored anymore. My suggestion is 2 in 1 scenarios to fix this Matchmaking problem. Make a drop-down list like with Checkmate Control/Control where we can choose what kind of Control we play but instead, make a single player version for Competitive and Trials. The other part of this suggestion may be a thing that a lot of people won't like but it's just my honest opinionated idea: take teams out of the Competitive Crucible and Trials of Osiris. I only suggested the 2nd part of the full suggestion in case there is someone like me in Bungie or a Streamer feeling my frustration. Also, if you ask the question "So if we would give you guys a choice on playing with a team, how would we change the team-oriented bounties and reward/rank system in both Trials and Competitive to match solo one on one system?" I have the perfect proposal for that indeed. I suggest we keep the Rewards and Rank system the same for a Solo gameplay system but also throw in the idea of changing bounties to fit Solo and Team rewards as well. In conclusion, Bungie please consider this idea, I don't want to run into having New Lights for teammates anymore. It's never healthy nor productive for either of the parties.



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